The Real Secret to Weight Loss - 5 Myths Debunked

weight loss May 12, 2020

The real secret to how to lose weight is by helping your body process food and get rid of fat through your hormones and metabolism.

There are many key factors that play a role in weight management and initial weight loss, and I am here to demystify them for you right now. 

Myth 1: Eating fat makes me fat. 

Wrong! Unhealthy fats do, but healthy fats actually help you lose weight!

Unhealthy fats include saturated fats, vegetable oil, corn oil. 

Healthy fats: 

  • olive oil
  • avocado oil 
  • coconut oil 
  • salmon
  • walnuts
  • almonds 
  • flaxseeds

Myth 2: I need to count calories in order to lose weight. 

Incorrect! Calories are not created equal. This means that it is impossible to just count calories and lose weight.

Things like diet sodas and sugar-free processed foods are actually much worse for you and will make you hold onto weight! 

This is because the body cannot process these types of artificial chemicals. 

Myth 3: It's just my genetics...

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How These Products Helped me Detox and Lose Weight

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Did you know that the products you put in and on your body impact your weight and health? Yes, it's true. The chemicals and synthetic toxins in many skincare, makeup, and even cleaning products can create hormone imbalances and often lead to weight gain. Learn how to get clean products in this post that benefit your health rather than harm it!

You're probably thinking "how can my makeup foundation lead to weight gain? That's crazy!" 

Right? We have to think again, sister. 

Our skin is our biggest organ. This means that what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream. These chemicals and toxins get into our bodies and have to be detoxified by our liver. 

What if our liver is already burdened? 

The liver is our main detox organ. This means that it is working around the clock, filtering our blood and working to keep us healthy....

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How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

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 Maybe you want to lose weight and you're sick of counting calories. After all, who has time to figure out how many calories are in every single thing?

Guess what? 

Counting calories is a thing of the past! 

No more trying to do the math for calories in - calories burned to get a number for your weight. 

Why is it that counting calories does not work? 

This is true because not all calories are created equal. This means that 100 calories of veggies is going to do much different things to your body than 100 calories of soda. 

Great news - 

You can still lose weight by eating enough calories.

I know what you're thinking. 

How is this possible?

This occurs is because your gut and hormones directly impact your weight loss.

These hormones play a key role in whether you lose weight, gain weight, or plateau: 

  • Thyroid hormones - control...
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7 Steps to Lose 10 Pounds With Hypothyroidism

Weight loss is one of the top difficulties that women with hypothyroidism face. 

Free Hypothyroidism Diet and Lifestyle Guide

While feeling tired, puffy, and having low energy are all difficult, putting on a lot of weight, especially quickly, can bring down people's mood and make it harder to get started again with exercise. 

This can have an even bigger impact on how some women feel in their bodies. 

While we want to support women and their health from the inside out, here are some quick tips to get back to your natural healthy weight!

Pin this image so that you can reference it later!

Weight loss needs to be holistic in order for it to last. 

This means you can't cut all "bad" calories and then expect to just stick with it! 

Lifestyle change needs to be made up of gradual habit changes that add up over time. 

Here are 7 Quick Ways to Start Losing Weight. 

1. Get on a probiotic. Gut health is the key to immune health as well as mood and...

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Top 9 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Boost Weight Loss

Inflammation and weight gain are highly connected and play a large role in many people's lives. This article will go through top anti-inflammatory foods that help people lose weight naturally. 

While many people are actively struggling with their weight, most people are unsure of how to properly lose weight. Click below for a FREE 3 Day Detox Guide!

Free 3 Day Detox Guide!

This is because of all the health trends and media telling us so many different ways to "diet". It may be the Keto diet, or Atkins, but there is one way to help the body function optimally, and that is through an anti-inflammatory diet. 

Obesity creates many health conditions, one being inflammation, which is at the foundation of all serious diseases. 

Obesity is on the rise. 

In fact, according to the  Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, the percentage of obesity is over 35% in nine states, 30% in 31 states and 25% in 48 states. 

This is leading to serious health issues that...

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How to Lose Weight Fast - Free Low Thyroid Diet Guide

thyroid weight loss Feb 19, 2020

Weight loss is a huge issue for many people and is more than a $72 billion dollar industry, however most people are missing the biggest key player - our thyroid gland. 

Why is this? 

Our thyroid regulates our metabolism.

By optimizing thyroid function through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes we are able to make a huge impact on our weight. 

I created this Diet Guide to optimize your hormones. I give you the exact foods, drinks, and supplements you need for lasting weight loss. 

When we feel our best we are more productive, confident, happier, and kinder. 

It's time to fill your cup up so that you are able to better serve others! 

Get your Free Diet Guide Here

 The best thing about this Diet Guide is that it is a subtle shift to healthier living rather than cutting out huge food groups like many diets such as Keto or Atkins. 

  • You can still have carbs and healthy fats!
  • No more counting calories! 
  • No more restricting!


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5 Ways to Decrease Bloating

bloating weight loss Feb 14, 2020
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Bloating is so uncomfortable and can create pain as well as social discomfort. Let's talk about simple ways to decreasing bloating and lose weight. 

What causes bloating?

First, we need to get to the root cause of bloating. It can be physical or emotional. Our gut health has a lot to do with bloating, due to a condition called "leaky gut".
In the case of leaky gut, the gut lining has small gaps that allows toxins and food particles to leak through the intestines into the bloodstream.
On the left hand side of the image below, the gut is healthy, with no gaps in the lining. However, with leaky gut, the gaps in the gut barrier allow toxins, food particles, and chemicals to leak into the bloodstream!
Image rights to DrAxe.Com
 This causes inflammation, which can lead to bloating in the body. 

With bloating, you might even...

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The Best Tea for Quick Weight Loss!

weight loss Feb 13, 2020

What is it?

This DETOX tea is going to knock your cozy socks off! 

Whether you have been partying and need a reset, or want to lose those couple pounds quickly, this is the tea for you! 

Why is it important? 

Our bodies work so hard for us every day, delivering nutrients to every cell and getting rid of toxins. 

Because it works around the clock, our organs need support! 

Without this support, our livers, kidneys, and colons can get clogged and congested, making us feel tired, irritable, have headaches and even mess with our hormones and weight loss!

Formulated with pure, safe,  and beneficial ingredients, this tea is perfect for supporting your liver and kidneys and decreasing bloating. 

Have trouble with digestion? These ingredients also help soothe the stomach and aid in proper breakdown of food, nutrients, and ease digestion. 

How does it work?

Check out these key health ingredients so you understand how powerful this tea...

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5 Detox Water Recipes for Clear Skin and Weight Loss

Detoxing doesn't have to be expensive! 

You can do it on your own, every day, with a few simple ingredients and water. 

Staying hydrated is important to detoxing the body, and aids in clear skin and weight loss. 

Adding in anti-inflammatory and all natural fruits can give your body and immune system the extra kick it needs to improve your health! 

Here are 5 Detox Water Recipes & Their Benefits You Will Love! 

1) Lemon & Mint Water 

  • Liver Cleanse
  • Eases Digestion
  • Improves Brightness of Skin 

2) Blueberry Bliss 

  • Antioxidant Boost 
  • Full of Vitamin C
  • Clean Energy 

Get the Free 3 Day Detox Guide Here! 

3) Strawberry Charm

  • Packed with Antioxidants
  • Vitamin C Booster

4) Cucumber Mint 

  • Weight Loss
  • Lowers Blood Sugar
  • Speeds up Metabolism 

5) Pineapple Wonder 

  • Anti-inflammatory to Decrease Pain and Improve Health 
  • Full of Vitamin C to Boost Immune System 

I suggest getting a water bottle like...

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How I Lost 10 Pounds with Hypothyroidism

One of the main issues women face with hypothyroidism is weight gain. 

This is even harder as it is paired with the increased difficulty in losing weight. 

 The reason why this happens is that our thyroid controls our metabolism. So when the thyroid is not functioning as strongly, our metabolism also slows down. 

FREE 5 Day Thyroid Health Challenge

Maybe you feel like you're eating healthy, working out, and still not losing that pesky weight! 

I completely understand, I've been there!

When my thyroid was not pumping out enough thyroid hormone, I had weight gain in my face and all over my body. Even though I was working out, I still couldn't kick the weight! 

That's because our thyroid controls our metabolism, so it is important to get to the root of the issue when we are working on losing weight with hypothyroidism. 

It is my goal to help women feel their best while improving their health. 

Here are 10 simple tips and helpful...

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