The Top Nutrients For Women's Health

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 Nutrition plays a significant role in women's health. What you eat impacts how you feel today as well as your long term health. 

I always encourage people to eat a healthy, rounded, whole foods diet. This is so important for your daily energy, your hormone balance, and fertility. 

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This comprehensive list below is a great starting point for thinking about the vitamins needed for a body to run successfully. 

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 Remember that if you are looking for these in supplement form, read the ingredients listed. Many times supplement companies will put additives in the casings and this makes the supplements not as healthy. 

My favorite supplement brands include: 

Zhou Nutrition 

Pure Encapsulations

Below is a great Women's...

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The Top Supplements for Thyroid Health

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Thyroid health is of utmost importance to our brain, metabolism, mood, and energy. 

While everyone is looking for shortcuts to weight loss, we should want to optimize the master of our metabolism - our thyroid!

Our thyroid gland needs a lot of TLC, and this can get tough when we live in a routinely stressed out culture. 

All too often we find ourselves in a hurried state of panic rather than one of rest and relaxation. 

After all, even though life can get tough and throw us curve balls, it's up to us how we perceive and interpret these events. 

I want to give you a simple road map to thyroid health so that you can protect yourself against unwanted thyroid stress, that often leads to hypothyroidism or acute thyroiditis. 

Preventative care is not out of style, and hopefully the more we learn about mind body health and as it becomes more natural for us, the...

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