How to Improve Your Self Talk for a More Positive Life

mindset positive self talk Apr 16, 2020

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Did you know that your thoughts create your reality? Our thoughts are so powerful. They impact our physical bodies, mental states, and our behavior. If our thoughts impact our actions, and our actions drive our habits, and our habits create our life, then truly our thoughts create our reality. 

How we speak to ourselves each day is so important in living a healthy and happy life.  We need to uplift ourselves through our thoughts on a daily basis.  Our self talk influences all aspects of our health- mentally,  physically, and emotionally. 

I have a question for you:

Are you living the life of your dreams, or are your thoughts holding you back? 

Did you know that repeated stressful emotions can weaken our bodies?  Yes, our thoughts influence our physiology. This means that chronic stress can lead to weight gain (or inability...

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