7 Self Care Activities to Do At Home

self care stress relief Apr 06, 2020

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In this time of quarantine and being at home, it can take a lot out of us. Our routines are different and we are far from our normal rhythms and lifestyles. 

It is even more important for us now more than ever to get stress relief and self care in different ways.

Personally, I have found that if I am upset about an obstacle or challenge I am facing, if I practice self care, I notice a shift and start to feel better. 

Often, this perspective changes when I turn my focus to self love and gratitude and this makes me feel more peaceful. 


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7 Things You Need to Transform Your Health for Lasting Results

We've all either heard about or engaged in the fad diets right? 

Low carbs, high fat, decreased calories, you name it, most people have probably at least given it a shot. 

And then what happens? 

We miss our normal routine and go back to what we are used to doing. 

The problem arises here because we didn't change our mindset or our habits, we just restricted for a short period of time. 

Rather than having self compassion, forgiveness, and self love, we tend to go toward hating our bodies and having to "lose" a part of it to feel good about ourselves. 

What if instead of hate or body shaming, we moved into a place of self love for ALL parts of our body. 

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What if we honored our bodies as temples and wanted to take care of them the best we could so that they continue to function well to house our souls. 

Our bodies allow us to fulfill our purpose here on earth. 

They are beautiful,...

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How Self Care Has Helped Me Get Through the Loss of My Mom


Losing someone so close to us and influential in our lives is so very difficult. It can feel paralyzing and overwhelming. It is a shock to our bodies physically and emotionally. 

This past fall, I lost my mom and it continues to be the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with and continue to process. 
Dealing with such a loss has made me passionate about helping others go through the grief process with self love and compassion. 
The love of yourself, your friends and family, and remembering your own strength and resilience are all helpful to getting through such a loss. 
At the beginning of this journey, I quickly realized that I had to utilize self care to function. I knew I had to put one step in front of the other to get through the day and where I began was taking care of myself. 
I wanted to share my most helpful self care techniques with anyone else going through such a loss to help them through...
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Why Dry Brushing is Self Care and a Healthy Habit

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Dry brushing as a continual practice is such a beautiful way to honor your skin, body, and heart.  

It may seem odd, brushing your skin... but trust me it feels amazing. Using a dry brush with bristles in an upward, gentle, sweeping motion (always towards your heart) has a wide array of benefits both physically and mentally. 

 It is best to dry brush before showering (hence, dry ; )) . Trust me, I did this and I felt so reinvigorated during my shower. It's incredible how some simple self care can help you feel strong, powerful, and excited to seize the day. 

Here are the 5 top health reasons to start dry brushing: 

1) Naturally exfoliates the skin...

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