7 Steps to Lose 10 Pounds With A Hypothyroid Diet Plan

Updated: 07/15/22

Weight loss is one of the top difficulties that women with hypothyroidism face. Learn what to eat and drink to lose 10 pounds even with a low functioning thyroid today!

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While feeling tired, having a puffy face, and having low energy are all difficult, putting on a lot of weight, especially quickly, can bring down people's mood and make it harder to get started again with exercise. 

This can have an even bigger impact on how some women feel in their bodies. 

While we want to support women and their health from the inside out, here are some quick tips to get back to your natural healthy weight!

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Weight loss needs to be holistic in order for it to last. 

This means you can't cut all "bad" calories and then expect to just stick with it! 

Lifestyle change needs to be made up of gradual habit changes that add up over time. 

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7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

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With the spread of the coronavirus or COVID-19, it is of utmost importance that we improve our immune systems. I wanted to put together 7 easy ways to boost your immune system to fight off infections and stay healthy and strong! 

Remember that 80% of the immune system is in our gut. This means that we have to keep our gut healthy in order to keep our immune system strong! 

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Want a supplement to help boost your immune system against a virus? Check it out here, I just ordered some! 

 1. Decrease stress - While it's easier said than done, prioritize some relaxation and self care. When we are stressed out and overdone our body goes into a sympathetic state and pumps out all of our cortisol, often burning out our adrenal glands. This leaves us feeling even more exhausted. Actively take time to rest...

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