The Best Natural Supplement for Hypothyroidism

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 Are you sick of struggling with hypothyroidism symptoms? Maybe you're suffering from brain fog, fatigue, inability to lose weight, hair loss, stress...? 

Yes, same. I've felt it. I've been there. Since the thyroid is a master gland, when it's not working well it impacts almost all parts of your body such as your heart beat, metabolism, digestion, cognition, mood, skin, hair, nails, sleep, energy - and the list goes on. 

I've been a steadfast researcher, putting thousands of dollars and hours into getting to the root of hypothyroidism. 

You see, when my thyroid was acting sluggish, I didn't just want to get put on medication for the rest of my life. 

I thought - there had to be another way. 

In our society now we look for what's the quickest fix or the fastest result. A lot of times we look for band-aids for problems or magic...

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Native Natural Deodorant Helps Thyroid & Hormone Balance

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Everyone is talking about natural products and there is a huge reason why. 

What we put onto our skin has a direct impact on our body and its function. 

Aluminum, one of the ingredients in most deodorants, has been shown to impair thyroid function.

It's time to go ALUMINUM FREE!

Since your skin is your biggest organ, we need to take care in what we put on it since it effects our ability to detox and stay healthy. 

I'm going to be real with you... I  have always been a person who sweats. This can be a blessing and a curse. 

The blessing: Sweating is a great way our body naturally detoxes itself! Sweating removes toxins and cleanses the body. 

The curse: Without the right deodorant... life can get stinky - ew! No one wants that. This is why I USED to use what I thought were all of the "good" deodorants, Secret etc with their flowery smells. I did...

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Why Dry Brushing is Self Care and a Healthy Habit

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Dry brushing as a continual practice is such a beautiful way to honor your skin, body, and heart.  

It may seem odd, brushing your skin... but trust me it feels amazing. Using a dry brush with bristles in an upward, gentle, sweeping motion (always towards your heart) has a wide array of benefits both physically and mentally. 

 It is best to dry brush before showering (hence, dry ; )) . Trust me, I did this and I felt so reinvigorated during my shower. It's incredible how some simple self care can help you feel strong, powerful, and excited to seize the day. 

Here are the 5 top health reasons to start dry brushing: 

1) Naturally exfoliates the skin...

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