How I Ran My First Marathon in Under 4 Hours

marathon running training May 02, 2020

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Running a marathon is no easy feat. I'm just going to come out and say it. It takes months of training, time dedication, and a powerful mindset. 

However, once you accomplish it, you get to celebrate, as seen in the picture below!

Let's start at the beginning

I decided to run my first marathon in August of 2019 and the marathon was only a few months away in November 2019. I had a quick few months to prepare and boy was it worth it! 

Because it was my first marathon, I really had to come up with a plan that fit my schedule. I know that many people will end up training 5-6 days per week for a marathon, but I felt like there had to be another way. 

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With balancing work, taking care of my dog, and having time for household chores and spending time with friends, I knew that I needed a plan that felt doable...

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Why I Decided to Run the 2019 Outer Banks Marathon

After a couple of years of signing up for marathons and things not working out, I'm believing that the 3rd time's a charm. 

Two years ago, in 2017, I signed up to do the Rock and Roll Marathon in DC, and then within a month, I found my perfect dog to adopt, which was amazing news!  She was being brought in from Arkansas and the only day available for pick up happened to be the same morning as the marathon. 

Anyway, the universe works in mysterious ways and thank god I got my precious pup -my Cali, who you can see is now my CFO (Chief Fetch Officer)

Then, last year, in 2018, I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon - same thing - I was ready - I even did the half marathon in March to bypass the lottery system to insure I got in. I did the North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon with my mom in April to keep my training going strong.

And then in July 2018, my mom had a recurrence of cancer. 

Let's rewind.

My mom taught me how to run. When...

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