How to Eat Healthy for Less Than $10 Per Day

Welcome to this article on eating healthy on a budget!

Due to student loans and starting my business, my boyfriend and I have been on a quest for the last year and a half to master how to eat healthy on a budget. 

We normally shop weekly for our needs, with the exception being that during this last month with the Coronavirus going around!

We have been stocking up for a couple weeks at a time to minimize going to the grocery store. However, this has not changed our budget. To account for this, we have been freezing items so that they don't go bad. 

 I am happy that we have basically perfected the art of eating healthy on a budget. We have been able to cut down from hundreds of dollars on groceries, to about $60 per person for the week. 

  • That's Spending Less Than $10 per day on 3 Meals! 
  • Really broken down, that's about $3.33 PER MEAL! 

 I am very happy with this number because I’m going to be honest here - we both eat a lot. I am...

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