5 Ways Lemons Create Glowing Health and Energy

Lemons are a common yet powerful superfood to get your GLOW on!

You can squeeze them into warm water for a liver detox, mix with olive oil or avocado oil for healthy salad dressing, or put in ice water for a post workout hydration boost! 

I've found that bringing lemon water on errands, or having it at work during the afternoon helps keep me attentive, focused, and hydrated. 

Hydration is key for energy, brain health, skin health and your immune system! 

Below are 5 ways that lemons are rockstars of the health world and why you should use them on the daily! 

  1. High in Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant, helping to keep the skin glowing and improving collagen production.
  2. Boosts the immune system, keeping you feeling strong and energized even when leading a busy life. 
  3. Supports healthy digestion and weight loss, allowing the body to detoxify itself and get rid of toxins. 
  4. Lowers blood pressure and improves heart health. 
  5. Alkalizes the...
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5 Easy Ways to Start Detoxing During Your Busy Day

Detoxing our bodies is so important for how we feel right now and our long term health. Keeping our body in a healthy balance and supporting our detoxing organs (skin, liver, kidneys, and colon) is of utmost importance because we need them functioning well, hopefully, for a very long time. 

Did you know your skin is your body's largest organ? Things that we put on our skin get directly absorbed into our bodies and go into our bloodstream, having an impact on our body in a variety of ways. Often chemicals can disrupt our brains as well as our hormones. These are known as endocrine disruptors or neuroendocrine disruptors. (You can look up these words to find the exact chemicals that affect them for more information). 

Most people do not realize that every day we get toxic exposure whether it's through pollution, pesticides sprayed on the grass or on our food, chemicals in our household products, and even our own stress. 

Usually, our body does a good job of...

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