5 Ways to Decrease Bloating

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Bloating is so uncomfortable and can create pain as well as social discomfort. Let's talk about 5 simple ways to decreasing bloating and lose weight naturally!
What causes bloating?
First, we need to get to the root cause of bloating. It can be physical or emotional. Our gut health has a lot to do with bloating, due to a condition called "leaky gut".
In the case of leaky gut, the gut lining has small holes that allows toxins and food particles to leak through the intestines into the bloodstream.
On the left hand side of the image below, the gut is healthy, with no gaps in the lining. However, with leaky gut, the gaps in the gut barrier allow toxins, food particles, and chemicals to leak into the bloodstream!
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This creates inflammation, which can lead to bloating in the body. 


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