Why Dry Brushing is Self Care and a Healthy Habit

Dry brushing as a continual practice is such a beautiful way to honor your skin, body, and heart.  

It may seem odd, brushing your skin... but trust me it feels amazing. Using a dry brush with bristles in an upward, gentle, sweeping motion (always towards your heart) has a wide array of benefits both physically and mentally. 

It is best to dry brush before showering (hence, dry ; )) . Trust me, I did this and I felt so reinvigorated during my shower. It's incredible how some simple self care can help you feel strong, powerful, and excited to seize the day. 

Here are the 5 top health reasons to start dry brushing: 

1) Naturally exfoliates the skin to nurture new glowing skin cells and help say goodbye to old skin cells that are ready to go. Some have said that it can help reduce cellulite as well as it smoothes out the skin- try it for yourself for 30 days and see what happens!

2) Improves circulation and lymph flow that is essential for healing and continued...

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