How to Lower the Effects of Stress with Adaptogens

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Let's talk about stress

Most of us live in a fast paced, go go go society, which is continually keeping us busy and on our toes. Stress has become a normal part of our daily lives, which is why it is so important to discuss how to lower the effects of stress with adaptogens. 

Going back to the time of our ancestors, this stress response was helpful. It helped pump up our muscles, get our heart racing so that we could oxygenate our body to run away from the lion. 

However, nowadays, our bodies have the physiological response to stress often. We feel it when people cut us off in traffic, we get bad news from our boss, or when we feel overwhelmed with work or family life. 

This repetitive stress and the toll it has on our body predisposes us to disease. 

How Does This Happen? 

Stress (either physical or psychological)...

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