The Top 5 Benefits of Coconut Oil

We love coconut oil! Whether you are using it in your coffee, smoothies, for hair conditioning, or to hydrate the skin, it offers a variety of health benefits! 

Here are the top 5 benefits of coconut oil below: 

  1. Balances hormones! The medium chain fatty acids (or MCTs) in coconut oil provide healthy types of fat that are wonderful for keeping your hormones in equilibrium. 
  2. Provides quick and lasting energy! The MCTs in coconut oil are able to be utilized quickly in the body and also keep you feeling fuller for longer, often aiding in weight management. 
  3. Reduces inflammation in the body, which is at the core of healthy living. We come into contact with toxins and inflammation daily through products and even stress. This is also done through improving gut health. When we improve our gut health, we also decrease inflammation in our body, aiding in pain reducing and improved mood. 
  4. Helps build healthy muscle and reduce unwanted fat. Coconut oil is a...
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How Apples Improve Heart Health

Ever heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?  Turns out it’s true!  Studies have shown that apple consumption has led to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. One of the most important mechanisms is the positive impact of apples on the gut microbiome.

Apples have an array of polyphenols and fiber which have positive effects on intestinal health. 

Improving gut health has an important impact on reducing the risk for cardiovascular diseases including improving high blood pressure. Fiber plays a large role in these health benefits as well as it protects against type 2 diabetes and obesity. 

A study showed that 2 apples per day for 2 weeks increased bifidobacteria in the gut and reduced pathogenic, or bad, bacteria.

Apples are known as prebiotics which create a healthy environment for probiotics to grow and flourish. Pectin, which is soluble fiber, when fermented in the gut, creates short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which help to protect...

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7 Ways To Beat Burnout

The World Health Organization has now recognized burnout as an occupational syndrome that comes from stress, overwhelm, and improper coping to maintain a work-life balance. Of course, certain times of life will be busier than others, but with prolonged and chronic work stress we can suffer from burnout and its plethora of negative effects on our physical, mental, and emotional states. 

As someone who has suffered from burnout, I can assure you that it is strenuous and taxing on the body in all realms - physically/mentally/emotionally. It is associated with depression, anxiety, lack of focus, and fatigue. It has taken a lot of self reflection and practice to figure out the ways to beat burnout and how to heal from it in order to have a vibrant and fulfilling life. 

I wanted to give you my 7 Ways To Beat Burnout below so that you can bring them into your daily life. These activities can be preventative as well as helpful in dealing...

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How to Use Self Compassion to Get Through Life's Obstacles

After 3 years in clinical practice, I found that my true passion was helping people on a deeper level live a holistic, meaningful, and balanced life. My goal is that my clients feel vibrant, healthy, and connected, both physically and mentally, from the inside out.

I recently got asked about the use of self compassion during times of crisis. I thought I would share my thoughts here. 

My most recent crisis was losing my mother to cancer last October. It opened my eyes to how I can view myself even during difficult times. I have had a pattern of being critical of myself throughout my life and not feeling good enough. It's something that I have worked on but during this hard time I found it coming back to the surface. 

Even after my mom passed away, I was guilt stricken with things I didn't do. "I didn't even walk with her on the beach." "I wasn't present enough with her." " I didn't know we wouldn't have more time together."

All of these thoughts tore me up. I...

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5 Easy Ways to Start Detoxing During Your Busy Day

Detoxing our bodies is so important for how we feel right now and our long term health. Keeping our body in a healthy balance and supporting our detoxing organs (skin, liver, kidneys, and colon) is of utmost importance because we need them functioning well, hopefully, for a very long time. 

Did you know your skin is your body's largest organ? Things that we put on our skin get directly absorbed into our bodies and go into our bloodstream, having an impact on our body in a variety of ways. Often chemicals can disrupt our brains as well as our hormones. These are known as endocrine disruptors or neuroendocrine disruptors. (You can look up these words to find the exact chemicals that affect them for more information). 

Most people do not realize that every day we get toxic exposure whether it's through pollution, pesticides sprayed on the grass or on our food, chemicals in our household products, and even our own stress. 

Usually, our body does a good job of...

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How Self Care Has Helped Me Get Through the Loss of My Mom


Losing someone so close to us and influential in our lives is so very difficult. It can feel paralyzing and overwhelming. It is a shock to our bodies physically and emotionally. 

This past fall, I lost my mom and it continues to be the most difficult thing I have ever dealt with and continue to process. 
Dealing with such a loss has made me passionate about helping others go through the grief process with self love and compassion. 
The love of yourself, your friends and family, and remembering your own strength and resilience are all helpful to getting through such a loss. 
At the beginning of this journey, I quickly realized that I had to utilize self care to function. I knew I had to put one step in front of the other to get through the day and where I began was taking care of myself. 
I wanted to share my most helpful self care techniques with anyone else going through such a loss to help them through...
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How to Utilize Innovative Technology as a Natural Way to Decrease Stress and Improve Health

Did you know that stress is the #1 underlying cause for the 6 major causes of death in the U.S.? 

This isn't new information...

Yet, it still continues to be a part of our culture to be busy to the point of burn out, push ourselves, and continue striving to, in the end, get the life we "want." 

However, what if with all of this pressure and feeling of never being enough or having enough, we realize that stress wins and we are left with physical (and sometimes fatal) issues?  Was it worth it? 

That being said, it doesn't have to be this way.

We can be efficient, productive, high functioning and balanced.

It all comes down to our perception of our lives, our thoughts, and how we choose to react to situations.   

For me, stress hits home. It's personal. Growing up, I was that kid who was continually worried. Due to a series of life events I had when I was younger, (more about that in future posts), my brain began to be wired in a way that my stress...

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Why Dry Brushing is Self Care and a Healthy Habit

Dry brushing as a continual practice is such a beautiful way to honor your skin, body, and heart.  

It may seem odd, brushing your skin... but trust me it feels amazing. Using a dry brush with bristles in an upward, gentle, sweeping motion (always towards your heart) has a wide array of benefits both physically and mentally. 

It is best to dry brush before showering (hence, dry ; )) . Trust me, I did this and I felt so reinvigorated during my shower. It's incredible how some simple self care can help you feel strong, powerful, and excited to seize the day. 

Here are the 5 top health reasons to start dry brushing: 

1) Naturally exfoliates the skin to nurture new glowing skin cells and help say goodbye to old skin cells that are ready to go. Some have said that it can help reduce cellulite as well as it smoothes out the skin- try it for yourself for 30 days and see what happens!

2) Improves circulation and lymph flow that is essential for healing and continued...

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Fresh Guacamole Recipe for 2 People in Less Than 5 Minutes

One thing we all look for is how to make healthy, delicious food quickly and for less money so we can stay within our budget.

This guacamole is great, easy to make, and is packed with nutrients for glowing skin, a healthy gut, and is anti-inflammatory.  It is great for a simple snack or as a side for burritos, tacos, or quesadillas.

All you need is these 4 ingredients:

- 2 Avocados

-1 Lemon

-2 Cloves of Garlic

-2 teaspoons Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Cut the avocados in half, peel, and remove the pits and put in the bowl. Mash lightly with a fork. Squeeze the full lemon on top of the avocado. Salt to taste. Mince the garlic and add to previous ingredients.

Mash and stir gently to get a great texture.

And that is IT my friends! Get this incredible heart healthy meal to have a couple times a week. I like eating this with organic blue corn chips with sea salt.

And if you want it, extra info about the health benefits:

-Avocados- contain heart healthy nutrients, helps...

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This Power Oatmeal Will Keep You Feeling Full and Fit

If you're like me, you look forward to yummy, healthy food in the morning. A great cup of coffee or a delicious meal awaiting can help us all jump out of bed and get ready for the day. We all want food that is healthy, tastes good, and also keeps us fit. Here is my amazing oatmeal that is packed with nutrients and fiber to keep you feeling full and energized throughout the day. It is also gluten free and dairy free for anyone with food sensitivities. 

Additional positives:

  • Omega 3s (Walnuts, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds) for healthy hair, skin, and mood
  • Fiber for healthy digestion 
  • Cinnamon for healthy heart and lower blood sugar levels 
  • Banana for healthy blood pressure and mood
  • Chia seeds for healthy antioxidants and protein 


- 1/3 cup Gluten Free Oats

-2/3 cup Purified Water 

-1/2 Banana

-1/2 Tablespoon Cinnamon 

-1/4 Cup Walnuts 

- 1/2 Tablespoon Chia seeds

-1/2 Tablespoon Flaxseeds

-Small amount of almond milk and maple syrup...

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