How Living with Intent Gifts You Happiness and More Time

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2019

On Monday at the start of a new week, let us think about living with intent or mindful living. Even when we have a lot going on around us, if we are able to take a step back and breathe, we are more likely to stay calm, focused, and have more time to get things done. 

Have you ever been running around in a hurry and did something that actually made you more late or made things take longer in the end? I think we have all been there. Stubbing your toe, dropping a dish, or not finding something the first time will only make things more hectic. 

In this alternative way of being, by slowing down, you can actually slow down your perceived reality and have more time to get things done. 

Not only will it help the situation for perceived lack of time, but by living in a calmer fashion, you will be able to enjoy the present moment and live with a clearer mind and a more open heart. 

We have all had times when stress gets the best of us and we are not...

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Finding Faith in the Process

Have you ever wanted to get somewhere and just be there? I have. I'll admit it, I'm impatient. Or, I guess I'm working on being more patient. Life is interesting in that way, we want to have certain things, do specific things,  be certain things... all the while rushing to get there. Some of us (myself included) can have anxiety about when will it happen? What will happen along the way? Will it all pan out like it should? 

The more of my life that has gone by, the more I have seen that it all does actually turn out okay. Like the song, "every little thing is gonna be alright", honestly it seems too simple, but it is true. 

Every time we are resisting what is happening or fighting against reality, we are in a state of agony because we are not accepting what is. This is something my mom taught me, and still continues to teach me to this day. By asking what is this teaching me? And by saying yes and accepting what is, this...

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The Beauty of Finding Your Strength

Uncategorized Feb 05, 2019

Sometimes when it feels like everything is falling apart, things may actually be falling together. 

Have you ever felt at rock bottom praying for some enlightenment on why things are happening? 

I have. I have been there. It is in that true, raw, state that we often find ourselves having to look for, grab, and hold tight onto our deepest strength that is at our core. While those times are so difficult and heart wrenching, there can be a beauty in finding that fortitude and knowing it is yours to hold onto. You can always find that place of peace. 

When life deals us difficult cards, it is our choice on how we look at them. We can fixate on the terrible, the negative, the ugly, or we can look toward the light. My goal is that through life's challenges, for myself and others, we can look into the brighter parts of life and find how to enjoy the moment. After all, that is all we have. 

I encourage you to take a moment out of your day to look around...

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What does it mean to Live in Light?

Uncategorized Jan 18, 2019

I think of light as the shine that comes out of us when we are joyous, laughing, proud of someone we love, in heartfelt sentiment, and even when we are strong during hard times. 

We all encounter obstacles, some bigger than others on a daily, monthly and lifetime basis. Life gives us these challenges and we are expected to rise to the occasion and overcome them. As easy, and as heroic, as that sounds, sometimes it can be easier said than done. 

We've all been in those trying situations when we are tired and in our feelings. We know in the back of our minds that we need to just shake it off, dig deep, and be our best selves. Sometimes we can, and sometimes we cannot... and guess what? That is all okay! 

                                            Perfectly imperfect

One of my favorite things my mom taught me is that we are all perfectly imperfect. That's...

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