The Top Supplements for Thyroid Health

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Thyroid health is of utmost importance to our brain, metabolism, mood, and energy. 

While everyone is looking for shortcuts to weight loss, we should want to optimize the master of our metabolism - our thyroid!

Our thyroid gland needs a lot of TLC, and this can get tough when we live in a routinely stressed out culture. 

All too often we find ourselves in a hurried state of panic rather than one of rest and relaxation. 

After all, even though life can get tough and throw us curve balls, it's up to us how we perceive and interpret these events. 

I want to give you a simple road map to thyroid health so that you can protect yourself against unwanted thyroid stress, that often leads to hypothyroidism or acute thyroiditis. 

Preventative care is not out of style, and hopefully the more we learn about mind body health and as it becomes more natural for us, the more we will take this into consideration. 

Let's get started!

Step 1: Eat real foods.

Luckily real foods provide us with key nutrients that our thyroid needs to thrive. Vitamins like A, C, E, and Selenium. You may know these as our main antioxidants. These are key players in thyroid health and help us decrease inflammation in our bodies. 

Step 2: Get enough Zinc.

Zinc is a key player in creating active thyroid hormone,  T3. Zinc is found in shellfish, meat, legumes, eggs, and nuts. 

Some examples of high zinc foods include: 

  • Oysters 
  • Dark meat chicken 

Step 3: Get adequate iodine.

This can be a tricky supplement. High iodine levels have been found to be harmful for the thyroid, so you don't want to get too much. 150 mcg per day is the appropriate dose for an adult. Iodine is found in Kelp and Seaweed and other sea vegetables like Nori. 

Step 4: Remember your probiotics.

Probiotics are key for a diverse gut bacteria and microbiome. This is an important part of thyroid health because our thyroid needs our microbiome healthy in order to flourish!

80% of our immune system is in our gut, so we need this area to be working well while we are looking to absorb nutrients and decrease inflammation. 

Step 5: Vitamin D

Most of us spend most of our days inside and are not getting enough vitamin D. While sunlight is a great source, many of us are vitamin D deficient since we are not outside enough. Try to walk outside during the day for at least 20 minutes without sunscreen so that you are able to get the Vitamin D. If you are unable, you may need to supplement. 

Step 6: Tyrosine

Because tyrosine and iodine are needed to create thyroid hormone, it is important that you get adequate tyrosine as it is a building block for thyroid hormones. 

Tyrosine is found in: 

  • Chicken 
  • Turkey 
  • Fish
  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Almonds 
  • Cheese
  • Bananas 
  • Avocado 

Step 7: Ashwagandha. 

This is an incredible supplement to support the body against stress. This helps to support the adrenal glands that are often overworked and "burnt out" during hypothyroidism. Ashwagandha helps the body to improve it's protective mechanisms against stress. 

Here is an incredible Thyroid supplement that I personally take to continue to support my thyroid naturally. It contains many of the above nutrients. Try it here! 

Want more info?

Check out my FREE Hypothyroidism Diet Guide for what to eat to improve your thyroid health! 


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