The Best Work From Home (Or Anywhere!) Job


As you are reading this, you might feel stuck in your current job or crave more financial freedom. 

Do you wish things were different? 

Do you want more financial abundance? 

If yes, then I feel exactly what you are feeling. That was me. 

I wanted to be able to pay off debt and live a life where I could enjoy rather than living paycheck to paycheck. 

It wasn't until I felt so uncomfortable that I finally got over my fear and my ego and made a change. 

Remember that if you change nothing, nothing changes. 

I learned that it's so important to start scared, jump in with faith, and just GO! 

What do most people want more of?

Time, money, freedom, and health are top 4 that come to mind. 

  • Time to spend doing what they love and time with their family and friends 
  • Money to feel comfortable and live their dream life (vacations, houses, experiences)
  • Freedom to live life on their terms 
  • Health to be able to feel vibrant and have excellent energy!

What if all of these were included in a new opportunity for growth, happiness and freedom? 

That is why joining Arbonne was one of the smartest things I have ever done. 

Here is a health and wellness company that bans over 2,000 toxic chemicals, helps people get healthier from the inside out through clean nutrition, makeup, and skincare, and gives you a substantial income for helping make the world a better place! 

All products are: 

  • gluten free
  • soy free
  • dairy free
  • nut free
  • Non-GMO
  • Free of pthalates, parabens, artificial colors and sweeteners, and over 2000 chemicals and toxins

Not only do they provide the highest quality all plant based products, but you get full training on how to flourish in this business. Weekly team calls, a Facebook group, multiple coaches, and daily guidance to shine and fulfill your true purpose. 

Not only have I witnessed people's health completely turn around (weight loss, decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol, clear up acne, and more) but I have seen people go from working 6 jobs trying to make ends meet and then be able to make over $22,000 per month - with no cap in income! 

At level 3 out of 4 levels of the company, you get a Mercedes Benz (!) and at Level 4 (making about $22,000+) you get a free trip for 2 to Maui every year. 

Not to mention, there are many other perks such as jewelry, free gifts, free trips, and more. 

If you changed nothing, where would you be in 5 years?

Would you be happy with that?

Do you believe you could change your life? 

The simple answer is you absolutely can.

Anyone can do this business. 

I'll teach you how to do it. 

You create your destiny. 

This is the power of belief in yourself and a community and team cheering you on. 

Sound interesting?

I am looking for 10 boss babes to join my team this month!

Want more info? Email me: [email protected]  or message me on Pinterest or Instagram @mindbodyaligned 

I can't wait to link arms with you and help you change your health and life! 

Dr. Sarah 


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