The Best Tea for Quick Weight Loss!

weight loss Feb 13, 2020

What is it?

This DETOX tea is going to knock your cozy socks off! 

Whether you have been partying and need a reset, or want to lose those couple pounds quickly, this is the tea for you! 

Why is it important? 

Our bodies work so hard for us every day, delivering nutrients to every cell and getting rid of toxins. 

Because it works around the clock, our organs need support! 

Without this support, our livers, kidneys, and colons can get clogged and congested, making us feel tired, irritable, have headaches and even mess with our hormones and weight loss!

Formulated with pure, safe,  and beneficial ingredients, this tea is perfect for supporting your liver and kidneys and decreasing bloating. 

Have trouble with digestion? These ingredients also help soothe the stomach and aid in proper breakdown of food, nutrients, and ease digestion. 

How does it work?

Check out these key health ingredients so you understand how powerful this tea is: 

1) Milk thistle- Acts as an antioxidant and gets rid of free radicals in the liver. Helps to detox the liver. 

2) Peppermint- Soothes the stomach and aids in digestion. Relieves gas and bloating. 

3) Dandelion- Powerful anti-inflammatory and helps decrease blood sugar and fat around the liver. 

4) Sweet fennel-  Reduces water retention, decreases bloating. High in antioxidants

5) Elder - Acts as a diuretic to rid the body of toxins through urine. 

6) Nettle - Reduces inflammation and lowers blood sugar levels. 

7) Parsley - High in vitamins A, C, and K . Protects the body from oxidative stress

8) Uva Ursi- Supports bladder and kidney health. 

9) Licorice - Supports the adrenal glands to protect the body against the harmful effects of stress. 

Not to mention, it tastes amazing! 

This tea is pure, safe, beneficial, and utilizes the power of plants to support our health from the inside out. I have noticed decreased bloating, weight loss, more energy, and hair growth since drinking this tea regularly!

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