How to Reduce Knee Pain at Home

knee pain rehab May 20, 2020

I have been chatting with many people lately about how to reduce knee pain. I know people who have pain going up and down stairs, walking for prolonged periods of time, or when they try to start running. In this post we will talk about easy ways to reduce to knee pain. 

What causes knee pain?

The first thing to think about is why is this knee pain occurring? This question can be answered in multiple ways. We need to look at all the factors: 

  • Shoes 
  • Anatomy 
  • Muscle Imbalance 
  • Muscle Weakness 
  • Muscle Hypertonicity 
  • Current load or improper training
  • Diet 
  • Stress 

As you can see there are many factors that a play a role in what can be leading to knee pain. This means that there are also various ways to improve knee pain, depending on the root cause. 

Don't just put a band-aid on it

This is why just taking an NSAID, or anti-inflammatory medication will not, and should not, be the "cure" to your knee pain. 

This is simply a band-aid approach rather than getting to the root of the issue and solving the problem. 

To get to the root of the issue we need to identify the problem, and then address it with solutions. 

How do we fix it?

The great news about knee pain is that often there are simple solutions that create a great result! 

This happens because we have multiple muscles, tendons, and ligaments that connect to the knee joint.

While these muscles often get tight (due to an imbalance or overtraining) or when they are weak (not used enough) we often feel the sensation of pain because our body is not moving in a balanced and optimal way. 

Another likely culprit is our glute weakness. Most of sit for a majority of the hours during our day. During this time, our glutes are "asleep" meaning that they are not actively working and getting stronger throughout the day. 

Because our glute muscles control where are knees are in space, lack of strength in these muscles, especially our gluteus medius muscle, can lead to increased pressure on the inside of the knee. 

This is often known as "knee valgus". This predisposes many people to inner, or medial, knee injuries such as MCL or medial meniscus tears. 

Thus, it is so important to take care of our knees and address any issues quickly. 

As I mentioned before, this can often be done through easy stretching and strengthening exercises. 

Because I was getting so many questions surrounding this topic, I wanted to create an easy to follow guide that walks a person through the muscles to work on and how to do it through simple video demonstration. 

This is why I created the Knee Pain Guide

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 My favorite part of this offer, is that I am offering Free 30 Day Email and Virtual Support for anyone that purchases this guide. This gives you the capability to ask me questions, get feedback, and get more support during this time. 

Stay healthy!

Dr. Sarah Corcoran DC


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