How to Lower Thyroid Antibodies in 5 Easy Steps

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If you're reading this, you probably have a thyroid issue. Maybe you have even been diagnosed with Hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism. Let's talk about how to decrease thyroid antibodies naturally! 

Hopefully you have had a full thyroid panel done that confirmed the number of antibodies you have present. We are looking at TgAb, or Thyroglobulin antibodies and TPO, or Thyroid peroxidase antibodies. 

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So, I'm here to show you how I personally decreased my thyroid antibodies from abnormal to into a normal range. 

Here's a picture of my lab tests to show you: 

As you can see, my Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies went from 21 to 5! A 75% decrease in just a few months with some simple changes. 

If your antibodies are much higher, don't worry, this method still works! 

 So let's break it down into 5 Easy Steps: 

1) Cut out gluten. This means all normal breads, pastas, pastries, you name it. They have a protein called zonulin, which increases gap junctions, leads to Leaky Gut, and has a molecular structure similar to thyroid tissue. This makes it easy for your body to attack the thyroid tissue. Cut it out and you'll notice great results. 

2) Cut out dairy. Similar to zonulin, dairy has casein that also looks similar to thyroid tissue, making the body attack the thyroid gland. Opt for almond milk, cashew milk, or coconut milk products instead! 

3) Add selenium to your supplement routine. This has been found to improve thyroid antibodies and has been helpful at 200 mcg/day. Be sure to talk with your doctor before adding this in! 

4) Add in bone broth. This helps to heal a leaky gut, which allows food particles and toxins to leak into the bloodstream. It's also filled with healthy electrolytes and amino acids to boost the immune system. 

5) Get enough zinc. Zinc is found in oysters, red meat, chicken, turkey, eggs, beans, chickpeas, cashews and almonds. If you do not these, you may need a supplement as the thyroid needs zinc to function well.  Zinc has also been found to help with autoimmunity issues, such as in Hashimoto's. 

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