How to Lose Weight Without Counting Calories

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 Maybe you want to lose weight and you're sick of counting calories. After all, who has time to figure out how many calories are in every single thing?

Guess what? 

Counting calories is a thing of the past! 

No more trying to do the math for calories in - calories burned to get a number for your weight. 

Why is it that counting calories does not work? 

This is true because not all calories are created equal. This means that 100 calories of veggies is going to do much different things to your body than 100 calories of soda. 

Great news - 

You can still lose weight by eating enough calories.

I know what you're thinking. 

How is this possible?

This occurs is because your gut and hormones directly impact your weight loss.

These hormones play a key role in whether you lose weight, gain weight, or plateau: 

  • Thyroid hormones - control metabolism 
  • Leptin- decreases appetite 
  • Grehlin - the "hunger hormone" makes you feel hungry and increases your appetite 

What's Gut Health?

Our gut is the housekeeper of 80% of our immune system. It impacts our mood, pain levels, skin, hair, energy, and brain functioning. 

The gut has a mix of good and bad bacteria. We want the good to outweigh the bad bacteria. 

If you gut has more "bad" bacteria than beneficial bacteria, you are going to actually retain or gain weight. Our beneficial bacteria help us keep our metabolism up, keep us excreting toxins through our stool, and help us keep our bodies moving slowly. 

Examples of helpful foods for our gut are probiotics and prebiotics.

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Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria that create health and wellness in our gut. It is important to take probiotics that survive your stomach acid, so that they can actually get to your gut. My favorite type for this is S. boulardii. You can get it here. 

I have noticed weight loss within 5 days of starting to take this supplement. I notice that I am able to excrete toxins more easily and that my body just feels healthier. 

Prebiotics are found in our food and you can get them through asparagus, apples, and oats. Prebiotics create a healthy environment for our probiotics to thrive! 

The Thyroid as a Key Player

Our thyroid gland is a main controller of our metabolism and therefore our weight. If your thyroid is not functioning optimally, you may be feeling tired or you may be trying to lose weight, eating few calories, and just not losing the weight! 

This can be a frustrating process. 

This is why optimizing your thyroid and improving your gut health are two KEY ways to lose weight in a natural, healthy way that leads to lasting weight loss, not just another crash diet. 

I am so passionate about helping people improve their health, get more energy, and lose weight. 

This is a huge issue for so many people, and it makes me sad to see people struggle with it. 

This is why I've created two products to help people lose weight and keep it off. 

Introducing the Gut Health Reset Guide and my Healing Hypothyroidism Course. 

The Gut Health Reset Guide gives you all the information you need to know about prebiotics, probiotics, foods to eat for gut health, and what foods are actually hurting your gut. 

This guide is an excellent way to start changing your habits now to 

  • boost your immune system
  • clear up your skin
  • improve your mood 
  • enjoy better digestion.

The Healing Hypothyroidism Course takes a more in depth look at your individual thyroid gland and how it is performing. Because our thyroid gland is the controller of our metabolism and weight, it is of utmost importance to support it so it can function well and quickly! 

Boost your thyroid function and gain: 

  • Easier weight loss 
  • Moisturized skin 
  • Stronger, thicker hair 
  • Improved digestion and decreased constipation
  • More energy 

Through this program you will learn: 

  • Exactly what foods to eat to support your thyroid 
  • How what you're eating is hurting thyroid function 
  • Easy lifestyle changes to improve thyroid health
  • Supplements and nutrients that boost your thyroid function
  • How to test your own thyroid and what your numbers actually mean. 
  • How to structure your busy day to improve your health and balance your hormones. 

 These are two very useful resources that will help you improve your metabolism and help you lose weight. 

Not sure if your thyroid is working properly? No problem! Get it checked here by simply purchasing the test and going to a nearby testing facility. They make it so fast and easy, and then it gives you the information and the peace of mind to figure out what's going on in your body. 

Here are three FREE resources to also help you along your journey: 

Couch to 5k Training Plan 

3 Day Detox Diet Guide 

Hypothyroidism Diet and Lifestyle Guide 


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