How to Lose Weight Fast - Free Low Thyroid Diet Guide

thyroid weight loss Feb 19, 2020

Weight loss is a huge issue for many people and is more than a $72 billion dollar industry, however most people are missing the biggest key player - our thyroid gland. 

Why is this? 

Our thyroid regulates our metabolism.

By optimizing thyroid function through diet, nutrition, and lifestyle changes we are able to make a huge impact on our weight. 

I created this Diet Guide to optimize your hormones. I give you the exact foods, drinks, and supplements you need for lasting weight loss. 

When we feel our best we are more productive, confident, happier, and kinder. 

It's time to fill your cup up so that you are able to better serve others! 

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 The best thing about this Diet Guide is that it is a subtle shift to healthier living rather than cutting out huge food groups like many diets such as Keto or Atkins. 

  • You can still have carbs and healthy fats!
  • No more counting calories! 
  • No more restricting!

 I want you to start thinking about diet as a lifestyle change to healthier choices rather than always restricting yourself. 

And, of course the 80/20 rule is always a good rule to live by! 

This means that having a few yummy snacks (for example, dark chocolate covered almonds) or coconut milk ice cream is not the make or break of your health. 

When you completely deprive yourself of something, it is easier to binge when the willpower gets low. 

Rather than losing all of your progress with this style of dieting, remember that slow and steady wins the race! 

This Diet Guide Focuses on: 

  • Hormone balancing foods
  • Thyroid stimulating nutrients 
  • Anti-inflammatory foods 
  • Alkaline foods and beverages to put your body in a state of health and balance. 


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