How to Improve Your Self Talk for a More Positive Life

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Did you know that your thoughts create your reality? Our thoughts are so powerful. They impact our physical bodies, mental states, and our behavior. If our thoughts impact our actions, and our actions drive our habits, and our habits create our life, then truly our thoughts create our reality. 

How we speak to ourselves each day is so important in living a healthy and happy life.  We need to uplift ourselves through our thoughts on a daily basis.  Our self talk influences all aspects of our health- mentally,  physically, and emotionally. 

I have a question for you:

Are you living the life of your dreams, or are your thoughts holding you back? 

Did you know that repeated stressful emotions can weaken our bodies?  Yes, our thoughts influence our physiology. This means that chronic stress can lead to weight gain (or inability to lose weight), leaky gut, a weakened immune system, and worsened autoimmune issues. 

The Negative Effects of Stress

The American Institute of Stress states that in situations of acute stress, "it takes about 90 minutes for the metabolism to return to normal when the response is over." 

Many of us our under consistent or chronic stress, through our jobs, finances, our family issues.

Because stress can be a real, or perceived, danger, anxious or stressful thoughts can impact our physiology and create feelings of burnout and fatigue. 

Burn Out/Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue (often known as "burn out") occurs when our bodies have undergone chronic stress and are not able to keep up and bounce back. This often occurs when we don't give ourselves enough time to relax and slow down.

Our adrenal glands are two small glands that sit on top of our kidneys. They are responsible for creating our main stress hormone, cortisol.

Often, when are bodies are under chronic stress (think anxious, stressed, or even over exercising), our adrenal glands cannot keep up! They get fatigued and burnt out. This can cause:

  • irritability 
  • weight gain, especially around the abdomen
  • feeling fatigued  
  • more anxious or depressed

Taking this adrenal support supplement can help protect your body from the negative impact of these feelings of stress and prevent burnout. 

When we are stressed, our body changes physically. Some of these changes include:

  • increased blood sugar (leads to weight gain)
  • faster heart rate 
  • sweating
  • slowing or stopping of digestion (leads to constipation)
  • decreased metabolic rate 
  • decreased immune system response
  • less thyroid hormone created (resulting in slower metabolism)
  • change in gut bacteria (impacting mood and immune system)

What Can Help? 

Knowing that this is important for you to make a change is key. Our adrenals impact our hormones, thyroid gland, metabolism, nervous system, and weight. 

If you're having trouble with fertility or getting pregnant, you're having irregular periods, or just feel run down all the time, these are all issues related to your adrenal health. 

Many people are suffering from issues that are related to stress and adrenal fatigue but they don't know it! They may just think they are tired and that's it. 

It is important to make the necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes to help your body get back on track to feeling strong and vibrant!

Do you want to learn how to heal adrenal fatigue, lose weight, and improve your energy? 

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How to Change Anxious Thoughts

The solution to anxiety and worry is faith

When you stop worrying about what will happen, and start believing that everything is happening as it should for you, you are choosing faith over fear.

I find that when anxious feelings come up, focusing on deep breathing helps bring myself into a state of calm. 

When we take deep breaths, extending out our stomach as we breathe in, our body activates our parasympathetic nervous system or vagus nerve which connects our gut and our brain. 

This helps us rest, digest, and repair. 

It is important for us to take time throughout our day to come back to this state of calm and inner peace. 

How our thoughts impact our body

What we tell ourselves has a direct impact on our physical body. 

This is why I felt called to write this post to help others (as it has helped me) to reframe my thoughts to help my physical body.

Outlined below are a few ways to improve your own self talk to give you positive mindset shifts for a happier life. 

Try writing these old and then new statements in a journal dedicated to power up your mindset and change your beliefs! 

1) Focus on what you can control. 

Life is a series of events in which we learn on the go and have to figure things out. We are often presented with things challenges. We cannot change the fact that life sometimes gives us lemons, however we can change how we can change how we react to certain situations. 

Old thought:  "Why is this happening to me"  

New thought: "How is this happening for me? 

In unexpected ways our obstacles can become our greatest lessons and gifts. It is up to us to brush away the stressful thoughts and dig deep to find the hidden gems that lie within our challenges. 

 2) Remember you can always figure things out. 

When challenges arise and stress us out, it is easy to freak out! Freaking out might look like experiencing a racing heart, sweaty palms and mind going in a million directions. You may even get irritable and lash out! 

Often in this situation the mind decides to jump to every possible bad thing that could happen as a result of what you just learned. 

"What if ________  happens"  

Instead of letting your mind control you, decide to control your mind. 

Old thought: "What if _______ happens"

New thought: "I can figure this out!" 

When you repeatedly say or write these positive affirmations to yourself, you will begin to believe them. You will feel them in your body. 

This breeds more confidence, peace and joy.  

Every day, you can use your mindset to your advantage. 

Whatever you are writing in to develop your positive self talk, make sure you feel good about it. This will make you more motivated to continue writing in it and starting your self exploration journey.  

  3) Recognize that you are safe. 

Much of our fear can come from not feeling safe. There is a lot to be said for being cozy on a couch with your family in your favorite place. You feel loved, safe, and take care of.

When life throws us curve balls sometimes our sympathetic nervous system turns on and stays on for too long.

This can cause us to have fatigue due to adrenal exhaustion. Our body is not meant to fight or flee for prolonged periods of time. 

Taking an adrenal support supplement can help your body deal with these feelings of stress and stop your body from feeling burnout. 

You might feel impatient, verbally snap at your partner, or want to run away after you have had prolonged stress. 

These are all primitive and instinctual feelings.

We need to use our mind to overpower these instinctual thoughts. 

Old thought:  "I am so upset. I don't know what to do"

New thought: "I can handle this. I am safe." 


 4) Practice self compassion daily. 

We can often be hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up. We wonder why we aren't smarter, make more money, or have more friends. 

These self doubting ideas only tear us down. This is especially true for perfectionists. In other's eyes they are doing amazing and yet in their own minds they focus on everything that they would change. 

Old thought: "Why can't I do _______" or "If only I had ________" 

New thought: "I fully and completely love and accept myself" 

This is a wonderful statement to repeat to yourself whenever you find yourself thinking negative thoughts. 

This statement is also used in tapping, or EFT. Which is an excellent way to reduce stress and improve your emotional state. 

 5) Remind yourself of your resilience. 

Sometimes we need to step back to see how far we've come. We can get caught up in the moment and forget that we have been through so much and gotten stronger when we arrive on the other side of the challenge. 

Write down on a piece of paper 5 things you have done in the past 5 years that you are proud of.

Now, take a minute to reflect on how amazing those accomplishments are!

If you find yourself in a time of weakness or feeling defeated just remember that these are only feelings. They are not reality. In reality you are strong. You are resilient. 

Nothing is going to stop you. 

I will leave you with this simple question: What makes you feel strong? 

Maybe it's painting or talking to a friend or family member.

Do you want to feel stronger mentally or physically? I have been there and I have helped many people improve how they feel on a daily basis. 

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If you are looking for a way to get moving and also decrease stress, you may want to try running. 

When I run, I feel my strongest - both mentally and physically. I feel my most resilient. 

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