Fresh Guacamole Recipe for 2 People in Less Than 5 Minutes

One thing we all look for is how to make healthy, delicious food quickly and for less money so we can stay within our budget.

This guacamole is great, easy to make, and is packed with nutrients for glowing skin, a healthy gut, and is anti-inflammatory.  It is great for a simple snack or as a side for burritos, tacos, or quesadillas.

All you need is these 4 ingredients:

- 2 Avocados

-1 Lemon

-2 Cloves of Garlic

-2 teaspoons Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Cut the avocados in half, peel, and remove the pits and put in the bowl. Mash lightly with a fork. Squeeze the full lemon on top of the avocado. Salt to taste. Mince the garlic and add to previous ingredients.

Mash and stir gently to get a great texture.

And that is IT my friends! Get this incredible heart healthy meal to have a couple times a week. I like eating this with organic blue corn chips with sea salt.

And if you want it, extra info about the health benefits:

-Avocados- contain heart healthy nutrients, helps with digestion and weight loss, high in Vitamin C and E

-Lemon- has anti-inflammatory effects, is an antioxidant,  and is packed with Vitamin C

-Sea salt- alkalizing effect on the body

-Garlic - boosts the immune system and is a powerful anti-inflammatory food

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