7 Ways To Beat Burnout

The World Health Organization has now recognized burnout as an occupational syndrome that comes from stress, overwhelm, and improper coping to maintain a work-life balance. Of course, certain times of life will be busier than others, but with prolonged and chronic work stress we can suffer from burnout and its plethora of negative effects on our physical, mental, and emotional states. 

As someone who has suffered from burnout, I can assure you that it is strenuous and taxing on the body in all realms - physically/mentally/emotionally. It is associated with depression, anxiety, lack of focus, and fatigue. It has taken a lot of self reflection and practice to figure out the ways to beat burnout and how to heal from it in order to have a vibrant and fulfilling life. 

I wanted to give you my 7 Ways To Beat Burnout below so that you can bring them into your daily life. These activities can be preventative as well as helpful in dealing with this syndrome in your life. 

1. Practice compassion for yourself and mindfulness daily. Acknowledging our thoughts and feelings in the current moment and accepting them rather than resisting or avoiding them can be protective against stress and anxiety. When we allow feelings to come up and we still give ourselves love and affection, we are disarming the power of the negative and debilitating emotions.  Focusing in on loving gratitude for the present moment can help ease feelings of stress and anxiety and help your mental and physical health stay strong in the face of workplace stress. 
2. Make your own self care a priority. Valuing yourself and your long term health is of utmost importance. Think of self care as a way of life and put yourself first! Remember that just as they say on airplanes, we need to put on our own oxygen masks on first before we can be of great service to others. Learning simple life hacks to bring self care activities into your busy day is a great way to fit in some protection against unwanted burnout. Remember that is okay to say no! Sometimes your self care will come before what someone else wants you to do, and that is okay. 
3. Exercise to reduce stress and boost your brain health. 
Exercise has been shown to increase your brain's ability to function well as well as combat depression. Getting moving every day is important for feeling at your best and resilient both mentally and physically. You would be surprised at how big of an impact even a 20 minute walk outside at lunch can have on your mood and perspective on your day and life. No matter where you are in your exercise regimen, it is not too late to start. Taking small steps to get to where you want to be is the important part. Consistency is key, and remember progress over perfection. 
4. Eat nutrient dense foods every day and stay hydrated to improve your mood, energy level, brain and heart health. Your skin and hair will thank you too! Eating a diet high in fiber, phytonutrients from veggies and fruits, protein, and probiotics will have a large impact on your mood and physical energy to get you through the day with an energized outlook. Have a water bottle on your desk or in your car to remind you to stay hydrated during the day. Cut out sodas and sugary drinks with carbonated water or water with lemon or cucumber for an added detoxing effect.  Cut out excess alcohol and processed foods as well as common allergens for an even bigger change in your life. 
5. Get enough sleep (7+ hours!) . Remember that your body and brain heal during the night and it is of utmost importance that you take the time for your body to replenish itself on a cellular level during your hours of shut eye. Sleeping enough has been shown to help with mood, weight control, cognition, attention, and a healthy immune system. Try to get uninterrupted sleep by turning your phone on silent and keeping light to a minimum. Set your thermostat to 68 degrees for a peaceful and calm environment. 
6. Relax & destress regularly.  Take time to relax and have fun and do things that give you joy whether its yoga, snuggling with your dog, meditation, laying by the pool, calling a friend, or taking a walk. Be creative! Do you like to write, paint, or play music? Engaging in these activities allows yourself to just BE and this style of living can help reduce stress and decrease blood pressure. 
7. Take time to connect with yourself.  All too often we can find ourselves on the roller coaster of life and going through the motions on other people's timelines. Taking time to do some self reflection and connecting to your purpose and heart's desires is so important to make sure you are on YOUR path and not just following someone else's.  Take the time to write down what really inspires you. What ignites passion in your soul to give to others and the world? What are your long term goals and dreams? Connect with those and analyze if your current situation can get you there, or if you need to make a change. If you are on the road to fulfilling your purpose, you may feel more motivated to keep working and see all of your hard work paying off in a positive light. If you need to find your passion and  you feel lost, it may be helpful to talk to a coach to help you find that path and feel inspired. 

Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you need help with preventing or healing from burnout or need help finding your true passions in life. I am happy to help.
I hope you enjoy life to its fullest and most beautiful extent today and always! 
In love and light, 

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