7 Self Care Activities to Do At Home

self care stress relief Apr 06, 2020

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In this time of quarantine and being at home, it can take a lot out of us. Our routines are different and we are far from our normal rhythms and lifestyles. 

It is even more important for us now more than ever to get stress relief and self care in different ways.

Personally, I have found that if I am upset about an obstacle or challenge I am facing, if I practice self care, I notice a shift and start to feel better. 

Often, this perspective changes when I turn my focus to self love and gratitude and this makes me feel more peaceful. 

How Does Self Care Help? 

I have found self care as a great tool to bring myself into state of gratitude. This helps helps me calm down and replace anxiety and fear with an inner strength and power that is unstoppable and resilient. 

This is why I wanted to put together these 7 Self Care Activities that will help bring you inner peace through self compassion and gratitude. 

 7 Self Care Activities to Do At Home 

1) Epsom Salt Foot Soak

This is a simple way to create a spa like experience in the comfort of your own home. Epsom salts have calming magnesium, which decreases stress in the body. Warm liquids have also been found to make us happier. You can also add a few drops of essential oils, like lavender to have a calming aroma. Thus, putting your feet into this warm epsom salt soak while you're watching tv or listening to calming music can be a great way to reduce tension and regain your inner calm. 


2) Dry brushing 

This is an excellent activity to do daily before showering. Dry brushing helps move the lymphatic system and improves circulation. This can help reduce varicose veins and cellulite! By moving your lymph fluid, you are supporting your immune system and helping your body detoxify. I like to dry brush daily in gentle strokes toward the heart, to help the lymph flow in the proper direction. 


3) Dance party

Just because the clubs are closed doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to dance and have fun. Dancing creates endorphins which lift your mood! Put on your favorite song, dance around with yourself or your quarantine buddies and notice the shift you feel! 

4) Yoga 

Gentle stretches, even for 5 minutes, can make a difference in how your body and mind feel. We hold tension in our muscles and yoga is a great way to release them! Twists in yoga are especially known to decrease anxiety. I love doing triangle pose for this reason. If you need a place to start with yoga, try these 3 simple moves: 

  • Cat camel 
  • Child's pose 
  • Chair 

We will call them the 3 C's to help you achieve Calm. Focus on taking deep, slow breaths during these calming poses. 

5) Journal 

This may seem simple, but you would be surprised at how freeing it is to write down your feelings and get in tune with what is going on inside. While we all cope in different ways, it is important to acknowledge that with all that is going on in the world, it can be a little intimidating even if we are not directly impacted. Having an outlet to explore how you are doing and even what is going well in your life is a great way to reflect and bring feelings to the surface. 

I prefer journalling with a candle lit to create a calming atmosphere. I love my magnolia + peony candle by Terra. Check it out here!

6) Draw a bubble bath

There is something to be said for soaking the body and relaxing in a bubble bath. The warmth creates a self care heaven to take deep breaths and get back to your inner self. Many people spend their entire days working for others or trying to take care of everyone else. Hopefully, while you are taking your bath you can have 20-30 minutes to yourself. Try putting on calming music (cue Enya!) or listening to a thunderstorm. By taking the time to relax, you'll be surprised at how much better you feel toward yourself and to others. 

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 7) Brush hair 

I bet you're thinking I brush my hair normally. But this is a meditative hair brushing experience. I like to do this when my hair is already dry, so I can feel the massage of the soft bristles on my head. Brushing hair increases circulation and stimulates new hair growth, so I visualize new hair coming through. This experience allows me to visualize the thick, shiny hair I want and helps create the sense of calm and control that I have over my future. This can be a helpful activity to take care of yourself though self compassion and inner calming. My hair tends to get tangled easily, so I love using the Wet Brush as it helps me get through my hair easily and without pulling. 



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