7 Things You Need to Transform Your Health for Lasting Results

We've all either heard about or engaged in the fad diets right? 

Low carbs, high fat, decreased calories, you name it, most people have probably at least given it a shot. 

And then what happens? 

We miss our normal routine and go back to what we are used to doing. 

The problem arises here because we didn't change our mindset or our habits, we just restricted for a short period of time. 

Rather than having self compassion, forgiveness, and self love, we tend to go toward hating our bodies and having to "lose" a part of it to feel good about ourselves. 

What if instead of hate or body shaming, we moved into a place of self love for ALL parts of our body. 

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What if we honored our bodies as temples and wanted to take care of them the best we could so that they continue to function well to house our souls. 

Our bodies allow us to fulfill our purpose here on earth. 

They are beautiful, incredibly complex, and do a lot more than we give them credit for! 

A little backstory...

I haven't always had this viewpoint, though. When I was in high school, I was stressed. I placed a lot of pressure on myself to get the perfect grades, be the best friend, daughter, sister I could be, and in my eyes I was never good enough. 

Self criticism was the on going voice in my head. And I started to see my body as the only thing that I could actually control. 

I had incorrect views of what my body looked like vs what I thought it looked like. This is called body dysmorphia. 

I disregarded my body as my sacred temple and I did not treat it well. We probably all have times in our lives when we did not treat our bodies the best. 

What is important is that we cultivate self love and gratitude for our bodies, and take care of them through the food we eat, how we move and exercise, and the thoughts we think throughout the entire day. 

Your Top 7:

I wanted to go through the top 7 things you need to do to transform your health to make it last! 

1) Quit the mindset that you can't do or be ________. Your body listens to what you tell it! When you continually think thoughts, they impact your body on a physical level. I always tell my patients and my clients that in order to feel better, decrease the pain, or lose the weight you have to visualize yourself as already there. Picture it. Create that mental image and hold it close. Tell yourself that you're already there and feel it. Use your own energy and your power to your advantage and watch the results come! 

2) Let go of the need to be perfect. Self criticism kills progress. Do not waste your time being critical on yourself that you ate those chips or had some wine. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We are doing our best! Sometimes this is going to include messing up, but when we actively decide to acknowledge what happened, forgive it, and move forward, we are allowing ourselves to move forward and achieve what we want. 

3) Move daily. Whether this is parking a little farther away, doing some stretches during your lunch break, or going for a walk each day, make sure you are moving. Our lymphatic system (helps detoxify our bodies) is able to flush out toxins with movement. Rather than a pump like the heart, the lymphatic system relies on your muscle movements to release the unhealthy cells, chemicals and toxins. Using a rebounder and a dry brush are both great ways to stimulate the lymphatic system. 

4) Eat whole foods. This is a big one. Ditch the processed garbage (excuse my harsh language) and eat foods from the earth. This means salads, fresh greens, fruits, veggies, and things that don't have an ingredient list! When you eat the rainbow, you are getting a variety of phytonutrients to feed all of your cells.  Wild caught fish, nuts, and seeds all provide an incredible health benefit for our digestive system, brains, and moods. 

5) Sleep! When we sleep, our bodies are able to rest and repair. This means that old or diseased cells are made to be waste in our bodies and new cells are created. Sleep is so important for our moods, brain functioning, and energetic health. 

6) Self care. This may be the most underrated aspect of health. Remember that our bodies respond to our thoughts and our mindset. This is how our mental health impacts our physical health. When we are stressed, our body is not functioning optimally. We overproduce cortisol and our adrenal glands get burnt out. We feel fatigued, and not ourselves. This can often lead to overwhelm. I have seen personally and from many other people that engaged in self care activities daily (at least 1!) can strengthen your resistance to stress and improve your overall quality of life and happiness! And who wants to be happier? I believe everyone :) 

7) Meditate. Meditation doesn't have to be sitting on a pillow in complete silence and clearing your mind of all thoughts. Meditation can be taking a walk and enjoying nature, or tuning into your breathe while you're sitting in traffic. Meditation is a tool that is with us at all times, we just have to tune into it. I have been using the Simple Habit App to help make my meditation a habit. I love it because now whenever I get in bed to go to sleep and when I wake up I listen to a 5, 10, or 15 minute meditation. I have the ability to choose the topic and what is calling to me most that day. I enjoy the streak or consecutive days I have meditated, and now I am up to 8 months! Meditation brings your body into a relaxed state of awareness where you can be pulled closer to your truth. When you are living as your true self you are more likely to be happy and feel at peace. 

I highly recommend these 7 habits to do every day to transform your health for the long term. And remember, trust the process. It's progress over perfection that counts! 

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