5 Uncommon Ways to Boost Weight Loss Naturally

Do you have unrelenting weight that you just can't lose? Maybe you've tried all the fad diets/bars/exercise classes and you aren't getting anywhere. 

Well, I'm here to give you the answers.

Weight loss isn't just about how much you're working out.

There are many other factors that play into your weight and how you feel in your body. 

Here are top 5 key players that you are probably overlooking in your weight loss journey: 

1) Thyroid Functioning - Your thyroid plays a significant role in your metabolism. If your thyroid isn't functioning optimally, it can cause your entire body to go into a "slowed down" state. This means slowing down your metabolism, blood pressure, heart rate, hair growth, digestion, and muscle growth. 

Because 27 million Americans have thyroid disease and 60% of them are undiagnosed, I encourage you to get a full thyroid panel tested - you can get it easily here. Just go to your nearest testing site, get a quick blood draw, and you'll have your results within 48 hours!

This will give you a comprehensive picture with optimal lab ranges (rather than the normal and outdated lab values most offices use) to feel your best! 

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  • How to heal your gut which is at the root of thyroid issues
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2) Decrease Stress- The cortisol being released consistently by our adrenal glands when we are stressed causes our body to hold onto fat. Thus, your stress can truly be making you hold onto your weight! Some people refer to this stress induced weight as a "tire" weight distribution around the midsection. Stress also causes our bodies to raise blood sugar, as the mind thinks we need the quick energy to run away from the tiger. Even if you're not eating a lot of sugar, stress could be to blame. Being able to decrease our perception of stress can aid in rapid weight loss. 

3) Improve Gut Health! Research has shown that specific gut bacteria can either help or inhibit weight loss. Our gut has many roles in our body function, but one of the main roles is taking in nutrients and then expelling what we don't need. To do this well, we need a healthy gut environment, or microbiome. We also need our gut to be healthy to feel better both physically and mentally. Because 90% of our serotonin (happy brain chemical) is made in our gut, if you have dysfunction there, you're also more likely to suffer from a lower mood and may have anxiety, which could lead to feeling more stressed, contributing to weight gain.

4) Sleep soundly and get those 8 hours - Research has shown that if you're not getting adequate hours of shut eye, your body is more likely to hold onto those pesky pounds! Try to get 8 hours of sleep to improve your body's metabolism and you'll feel better and be more productive every day too. Remember that during sleep our body rejuvenates and heals, so it is an important component of exercise and training as well. 

5) Eat an anti-inflammatory diet - Inflammation is seen in our bodies as bloating, pain, acne, brain fog and a host of other symptoms that don't make us feel good. We have many inflammatory foods and beverages that we are offered daily from fast food, fried, processed, and sugary foods. Work to incorporate anti-inflammatory foods every day to boost your energy and naturally see those pounds drop.

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