5 Simple Ways to Become a Runner

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Struggling being inside during quarantine? A great way to relieve stress, lose weight, and get healthy is to start running! Let's go over 5 Simple Ways to Become a Runner while you're at home! 

What does it mean to be a Runner? 

Being a runner means you get moving - it's as simple as that. I want people to be aware that it is still running if you are going a little faster than walking. Being a runner is all about consistent improvement, even when you don't focus on trying to get better!

One of the great things about running is that as you do it, you improve. It is so satisfying to be able to see yourself getting better the more you go out and try. 

So, if you've tried running in the past and you didn't like it or felt intimidated, try to brush that off and give it another shot. 

Running outside is open to the public. All you need are some comfortable shoes and flexible clothes. 

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Here are 5 Ways to Become a Runner:

1. Believe in yourself. 

The first step to being a runner is believing you can be one! I've found that in many people, their mindset works against them.

They believe that they'll "never be able to" or that they just "aren't a runner."

If you believe these types of thoughts, your body will follow. Prove to yourself that you can do anything you put your mind to. And just begin!

One step in front of the other is all it takes to get started. 

2. Take setbacks in "stride"

In running, as in life, there will always be obstacles. There will always be some rainy days, tight muscles, and days that feel hard to conquer.

It is within your perspective and determination to know that you can handle these obstacles and overcome them with strength.

There are plenty of anecdotal stories of people recovering from injuries and being stronger and faster than before.

But, what you can see and feel from personal experience is that running helps. Running helps you feel strong and invincible.

Always remember that the comeback is greater than the setback. 

3. Dream, dare, DO. 

This is something the director of my high school taught us.

First, you have a dream or aspiration,

then you get up the courage to dare to make it happen,

finally all you have left is to just DO it.

Take action!

I love the quote "Action Cures Fear" because often we have anxiety about trying something new, yet we find that after we do it it really wasn't as bad as we thought it would be.

Maybe this is true with chasing a goal for you. Maybe you really want to run a 5k or 10k, but you're afraid. 

That is okay! I give you permission to love yourself even though you have that fear or anxiety. You're human! 

What's not fair to you is that if you let that fear dictate your life. If you let your fear rob you of your future accomplishments, think about how much of life you're missing out on. 

Take that fear, doubt, or hesitation and toss it out the window, because you better believe you are going to be a runner! 

It's time to take action to achieve your goals and you will be so proud that you did. 

4. Practice mind over matter. 

Your mind is everything in running. I use many little tricks to help trick my brain into getting my body do what I want it to. 

For example, to get myself to run faster, I visualize a golden retriever puppy (or my dog!) at the end of the sprint. I pick a tree, and I say okay I'm going to sprint to that. It's the end of my race. I see the puppy waiting there for me to give it a hug. And then I give it my all. 

Your body responds to your emotions and the thoughts you tell it. 

The brain perceives pain. If you change your thoughts and focus on other things, you can actually decrease your perception of pain. 

 5. Never quit. 

The only way you're not a runner is if you stop trying or quit. This is very relaxing and hopefully it takes some pressure of your shoulders. You will continually improve and get better the more you try. 

Like we said, you will probably encounter hard days and obstacles, but it is how you get through them, dust yourself off, and get back up that counts. 

Have a rough day or feel defeated? Know that it happens and tomorrow is a new run. 

You are amazing. You are resilient. You can bounce back.

Have faith in the fact that you can run and you are a runner. 

Want to start running? Check out my Free Training Program, Couch to 5k!


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