5 Reasons to Go Gluten Free to Help Hypothyroidism

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Today let's chat about 5 Reasons to Go Gluten Free if you have hypothyroidism! 

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1) Gluten is inflammatory for most people. Research has showed that 1/3 of Americans were found to be intolerant to gluten. This means that when we eat it, the body responds to it with a heightened immune system. With hypothyroidism, the gliadin in gluten looks very similar to thyroid tissue. When your body goes to attack the gliadin, it mistakenly attacks the thyroid tissue instead! This can cause detrimental effects to the thyroid gland over time. 

2) Most wheat products are sprayed with many chemicals which hinder thyroid function. Have you heard of Round Up and the glyphosate lawsuits for causing cancer and other diseases? These chemicals have a significant effect on your hormones and can impair thyroid function. By eliminating gluten in your diet, you can bypass these harmful chemicals and decrease your body's overall toxic load. 

3) By eliminating gluten, you diminish your intake of processed foods and eat more whole foods.  When you take gluten out of your diet, you are more likely to get most of your calories and nutrition from natural food sources which provide your body with healing phytonutrients and micronutrients to help support your thyroid. These natural foods have many vital nutrients that our body needs for glowing skin, more energy, and a positive mood. Eat naturally to feel vibrant!

4) Going gluten free reduces thyroid antibodies. Most people with hypothyroidism have an underlying autoimmune issue. Research has shown that going gluten free has been found to reduce the number of Thyroid antibodies present, leading to a decrease in symptoms and patients feeling better. Not only does it help get your autoimmune issue under control, but you are less likely to develop another autoimmune issue as well. 

5) You decrease inflammation in the gut.  Gluten can cause leaky gut and irritation in your small intestine. When you eliminate gluten, you allow your gut to heal and improve nutrient absorption. Because inflammation in the gut is an underlying factor for many conditions, including hypothyroidism, by supporting gut health we are creating a healthier immune system and supporting the thyroid gland. 

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