5 Essential Oils to Decrease Stress and Boost Your Health

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We all want to decrease stress to feel better and boost our health. Did you know that stress and physical health are closely interconnected? Using aromatherapy, or essential oils is a great way to calm and mind and positively impact physical and emotional health. 
About 90% of underlying health conditions are actually caused by chronic stress! This is why it's so important to take time to relax, enjoy self care, and get stress relief. 
The thyroid and adrenal glands are two key players in our weight, mood, and energy and they are profoundly impacted by stress. The more you can reduce stress, the better off your physical body will be!
Aromatherapy is a wonderful and safe way to improve mood, boost health and feel more joyous. 
My favorite essential oils include: 
1) Lavender  promotes relaxation and decreases stress. You can put a few drops into a water bottle, dilute with water and spray onto your pillow for calming sleep. I also like dabbing a small amount on my wrists during times of stress to help calm my body and mind. 


2) Clary Sage is known for promoting relaxation, acting as an anti-depressant, and reduces menstrual cramps. I love smelling this in the morning to wake me up with a positive attitude. 
3) Ylang Ylang helps to improve mood, reduce inflammation and pain, and also works as an anti-depressant. I keep this right next to my Clary Sage and smell both in the morning and evening. 
4) Peppermint  aids in digestion and bloating. Smelling peppermint has also been found to enhance focus and mental clarity. 
5) Lemon boosts energy and mood. This is a great one for a diffuser in the office or on your desk while studying. Lemon balm oil has also been found to stress. 
6) Tea tree oil is antibacterial and decreases inflammation on the skin. This is an excellent oil to mix with a carrier oil to dilute and put on acne. The antibacterial nature helps the skin recover faster!
7) Focus Blend contains Bergamot which is helpful to decrease pain, stress, ease digestion, and improve. Also has basil, frankincense, and lemon for a beautiful scent. 

So how does aromatherapy work? 

Our sense of smell is highly connected to our emotion and memories. When receptors in your nose get a smell, they send signals quickly to your brain, and then to your limbic system, or the emotional center of the brain. This is how certain smells can either calm us or remind us of traumatic events. 
Think of a great memory you have. Can you smell what it was like? 
We often have thoughts of memories that include a distinct smell, such as a salty ocean breeze, freshly made chocolate brownies, or our favorite pizza. 
All of these smells leave imprints on our brain and impact how we think about them. 
Similarly, when you use aromatherapy you are able to impact your brain. 
Calming oils like lavender, clary sage, and ylang ylang are able to decrease anxiety and depression by calming our limbic system and amygdala. 
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How should I use them?

There are many different ways to use essential oils, so you can see what feels the best to you. You can use a diffuser, you can simply smell some, or you can put some on a cotton ball and leave it by you. 

I love smelling lavender scents during times of stress or before bed because it relaxes me. 
I used to carry it in my car and in my backpack and smell it before tests! Sometimes I would even put a small dab on my wrist and smell it during my exam if I noticed my heart beating too quickly. 
All of these are great ways to be able to get a sense of calm during your busy life. 
I encourage people to try these oils and let me know how they go! 
The more we can live naturally, the better we will feel today and long term. 
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