5 Affirmations to Boost Your Mindset

 When my mom passed away of cancer in the fall of 2018, all I could do was do my best to cling to affirmations and my faith. 

I hope that these affirmations bring you some peace no matter what you are going through. 

1. I trust in the divine process of life. 

This means that you have more faith than fear. You decide to trust that things are happening for you and not to you. You are able to live everyday joyously because you trust in the process of getting what you desire. 

2. I am grateful for all this day has to offer and teach me

Sometimes life's lessons are painful and feel like a punch to our souls. However, remember that we are flexible and adaptable beings. Be open to growing every day. You don't have to be perfect, stay learning every day and think about how much progress you'll have made even in one month!

3. I am getting stronger every day. 

If we focus on the negative or what we resist, that only grows more. Think of yourself as the person you want to be. Imagine how that self feels. Focus on being that person. Repeat to yourself that you are getting stronger every day and you will embody it- body, mind, and spirit. 

4. I am able to create my own reality. 

You are more powerful than you know. Your thoughts and beliefs have the power to shift your perspective and your life. Trust that you are able to create the life you want and begin living it as you want to feel, today. 

5. I will share my heart and endless love with others today. 

A beautiful thing about being a human being is that we get to share our love and joy with others. Think about the last time you performed a random act of kindness, or a stranger smiled with you? How good did that feel? You have the opportunity today and every day to share your heart with others and lift them up. If you do nothing else but breathe and spread love today, I would say you made a difference. 

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I know that in life, we don't always see all rainbows and butterflies.

It's not always going to be easy. 

Even when bad things happen, sometimes we can find ourselves asking , "why me?" or wishing that things weren't as they are. 

Something I have learned the past couple years is that resistance is painful. Whenever we are going against what is, it's like pushing a heavy rock that feels like it's not budging. 

By saying this rock is never going to move, it is almost as if we are telling our brain that we are never going to be able to move it. In essence, we give up. 

Why You Should Choose the Path of Least Resistance 

Also known as flow. 

What if instead of fighting what is, we just went with it. This can be difficult when we lose someone or something we love, or if things just don't go our way. 

But I wanted to shed light on the fact of how we create our lives with our thoughts, intentions, dreams and emotions. 

We Choose How We React 

Every day we have a conscious choice to say uplifting statements to ourselves or to allow ourselves to go into criticism, stress, and self doubt. 

It has to be a conscious commitment to change the little voice inside our heads to get us to rise out of the dark and gloomy negative clouds and into the joy of life. 

Because the body achieves what the mind believes, I do agree that the thoughts we tell ourselves have a profound impact on how we feel. 

This is why I created these 5 Affirmations to start the day off in the best way. If you can start your day with a loving, joyful, and grateful attitude it will carry through your day. 

You can put these on your phone background, on sticky notes around your house or write them on a paper on your desk. 

Have reminders everywhere that no matter what is going on, you are doing great and you have much to be thankful for. 

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Dr. Sarah 


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