How to Heal Hashimoto's Thyroid Condition

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Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is the main cause of hypothyroidism. It is an autoimmune condition in which the body creates antibodies against itself that attack the thyroid gland. This is why it is so important to make nutrition and lifestyle changes to help the thyroid and immune system so that the disease does not progress, further hurting the thyroid. 

If you are having symptoms due to a nutrient deficiency, or your condition has started recently, it is more likely that with a few changes you can get back on track! It's important to remember that the more your thyroid is damaged, the harder it will likely be to normalize thyroid function naturally. With this being said, it is important to take these dietary and lifestyle changes and get to work to start feeling better from the inside out. 

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How to Improve the Immune...

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Best Food Sensitivity Test Review

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Many people have bloating, fatigue, and a general feeling of being tired, and it could be related to what they are eating! This is what prompted me personally to do a Genova IgG Food Sensitivity Test. 

Why should you take a Food Sensitivity Test?

Even though I was eating my protein, healthy fats, fruits and veggies, I was still getting a little bit of puffiness/bloating and I couldn't figure out what I was eating that was causing it. 

However, bloating is not the only symptom of a food sensitivity. 

Food sensitivities can cause a variety of issues such as: 

  • fatigue
  • weight gain
  • headaches and migraines
  • brain fog 
  • bloating
  • skin issues 
  • eczema
  • acne 
  • low mood 
  • anxiety 
  • depression
  • autoimmune disease
  • and even obesity

The hard thing about identifying a food sensitivity without a blood test is that you often get symptoms up to 72...

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Easy Thyroid Diet Meal Plan Ideas

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Thyroid health responds well to specific nutrients and foods. If you are trying to lose weight with hypothyroidism and don't know what to eat, you are in the right place. Your thyroid needs specific nutrients for all aspects of making thyroid hormone. If you are suffering with hypothyroidism, or low thyroid, knowing what to eat and what to avoid is very important! 

To begin, gluten and dairy are two areas of food that people with Hashimoto's or autoimmune thyroid disease may have sensitivities to, even if they are mild. Cutting out gluten and dairy is a great place to start if you have a low functioning thyroid. 

Next, I recommend going as organic as possible. Cutting out chemicals and pesticides is a great way to get yourself eating cleaner foods and staying away from artificial sweeteners as well will improve your whole system. 

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7 Quick Tips on How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

We are all getting ready for the holidays! While we have lots of great food, time with family and friends, it can be a time when people want to indulge but also don't want to gain weight. Check out these 7 tips on how to lose weight during the holidays. 

  1. Start the day with warm lemon water to cleanse the liver. This is very helpful especially if you had alcohol the night before which can congest the liver. 
  2. Get outside and move in the morning. Whether this is walking the dog, going for a jog, or lifting some weights, this is a great start to the day and gets your metabolism going. You'll also feel more energized and accomplished during the day too. 
  3. Eat a healthy breakfast. This will help you feel full to start the day and makes it less likely that you will fill up on unhealthy calories. Healthy breakfasts can include eggs, yogurt, oatmeal, or a smoothie. 
  4. Eat at least 3 veggies per day. Make sure you’re getting veggies in at lunch and dinner. You can...
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How to Lose Weight at Home

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Many people want to know how to lose weight at home and on a budget.

This is a big issue as many people are working from home currently and have access to their pantry and fridge all day! 

It can be hard to know what meal plan "fads" to follow these days since their are so many on the market. 

As a functional medicine practitioner, I will tell you that it's actually easier than it appears to be. Eating can actually be simpler if you want to lose weight and get healthier. 

Here are 7 Ways to Lose Weight at Home: 

1) Eat colorful foods that are unprocessed and come from the earth. The basis of healthy eating to lose weight is asking yourself this question: did this come from the earth? The start of losing weight is really that simple and here's why. 

Many people get foods that are packaged, heavily processed, and have ingredients that slow down our body's...

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How to Lower Thyroid Antibodies in 5 Easy Steps

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If you're reading this, you probably have a thyroid issue. Maybe you have even been diagnosed with Hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism. Let's talk about how to decrease thyroid antibodies naturally! 

Hopefully you have had a full thyroid panel done that confirmed the number of antibodies you have present. We are looking at TgAb, or Thyroglobulin antibodies and TPO, or Thyroid peroxidase antibodies. 

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If you have not had a full thyroid panel done, you can actually get it ordered with my help online. 

So, I'm here to show you how I personally decreased my thyroid antibodies from abnormal to into a normal range. 

Here's a picture of my lab tests to show you: 

As you can see, my Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies went from 21 to 5! A 75% decrease in just a few months with some simple changes. 


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5 Ways to Lose Weight with Hashimoto's

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This article goes over 5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism

What is Hashimoto's?

Hashimoto’s is a form of thyroiditis (or inflammation of the thyroid gland) in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. This is also known as an autoimmune condition. This can be diagnosed by abnormal thyroid antibody levels on lab tests as well as the body not producing enough T3, T4, or having a high TSH. 

Hashimoto's can cause people to feel tired, bloated, unable to lose weight, and feel cold, among many other symptoms. 

Main Causes of Hashimoto's 

There are many causes of Hashimoto's, a few of them being: 

  • food sensitivities 
  • gluten intolerance
  • dairy sensitivity 
  • stress
  • previous infections such as Epstein-Barr virus
  • lack of adequate nutrients
  • family history 
  • toxins and chemicals in our household and makeup...
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How to Go From Acidic to Alkaline pH For Health Benefits

acidic alkaline ph May 22, 2020

The pH of our body is so important to our overall health. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer all occur in acidic conditions. The more we can bring our body into an alkaline state, the better it will be for our overall health. 

On a scale of 0 to 14, 0 is completely acidic and 14 is completely basic, or alkaline. 7 is neutral. 

We aim for a value of a blood pH of 7.35-7.45, which is slightly alkaline. 

Why does it matter? 

When our bodies are acidic for a few months or years, it creates issues in all parts of our body. This occurs because as our body works hard to restore the balance to an alkaline environment, it is unable to keep the immune system as strong while it is doing so.

Common issues we see with having an acidic body are: 

  • weakened immune system 
  • osteopenia or osteoporosis 
  • delayed muscle recovery 
  • slowed healing 
  • lack of detoxification processes in the body

What contributes to acidic vs...

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How to Reduce Knee Pain at Home

knee pain rehab May 20, 2020

I have been chatting with many people lately about how to reduce knee pain. I know people who have pain going up and down stairs, walking for prolonged periods of time, or when they try to start running. In this post we will talk about easy ways to reduce to knee pain. 

What causes knee pain?

The first thing to think about is why is this knee pain occurring? This question can be answered in multiple ways. We need to look at all the factors: 

  • Shoes 
  • Anatomy 
  • Muscle Imbalance 
  • Muscle Weakness 
  • Muscle Hypertonicity 
  • Current load or improper training
  • Diet 
  • Stress 

As you can see there are many factors that a play a role in what can be leading to knee pain. This means that there are also various ways to improve knee pain, depending on the root cause. 

Don't just put a band-aid on it

This is why just taking an NSAID, or anti-inflammatory medication will not, and should not, be the "cure" to your knee pain. 

This is simply a...

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The Real Secret to Weight Loss - 5 Myths Debunked

weight loss May 12, 2020

The real secret to how to lose weight is by helping your body process food and get rid of fat through your hormones and metabolism.

There are many key factors that play a role in weight management and initial weight loss, and I am here to demystify them for you right now. 

Myth 1: Eating fat makes me fat. 

Wrong! Unhealthy fats do, but healthy fats actually help you lose weight!

Unhealthy fats include saturated fats, vegetable oil, corn oil. 

Healthy fats: 

  • olive oil
  • avocado oil 
  • coconut oil 
  • salmon
  • walnuts
  • almonds 
  • flaxseeds

Myth 2: I need to count calories in order to lose weight. 

Incorrect! Calories are not created equal. This means that it is impossible to just count calories and lose weight.

Things like diet sodas and sugar-free processed foods are actually much worse for you and will make you hold onto weight! 

This is because the body cannot process these types of artificial chemicals. 

Myth 3: It's just my genetics...

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