How to Lower Thyroid Antibodies in 5 Easy Steps

If you're reading this, you probably have a thyroid issue. Maybe you have even been diagnosed with Hashimoto's or Hypothyroidism. Let's talk about how to decrease thyroid antibodies naturally! 

Hopefully you have had a full thyroid panel done that confirmed the number of antibodies you have present. We are looking at TgAb, or Thyroglobulin antibodies and TPO, or Thyroid peroxidase antibodies. 

If you have not had a full thyroid panel done, you can order one yourself here. 

So, I'm here to show you how I personally decreased my thyroid antibodies from abnormal to into a normal range. 

Here's a picture of my lab tests to show you: 

As you can see, my Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies went from 21 to 5! A 75% decrease in just a few months with some simple changes. 

If your antibodies are much higher, don't worry, this method still works! 

 So let's break it down into 5 Easy Steps: 

1) Cut out gluten. This means all normal breads, pastas,...

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5 Ways to Lose Weight with Hashimoto's

This article goes over 5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight with Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism

What is Hashimoto's?

Hashimoto’s is a form of thyroiditis (or inflammation of the thyroid gland) in which the immune system attacks the thyroid gland. This is also known as an autoimmune condition. This can be seen by abnormal thyroid antibody levels on lab tests. 

This can cause people to feel tired, bloated, unable to lose weight, and feel cold, among many other symptoms. 

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Did you know Hashimoto’s is the most common cause of hypothyroidism?

A person with this condition has an overactive immune system that is mistakenly attacking the thyroid gland, stopping it from working well. This causes the thyroid to produce less of thyroid hormone, which is vital for a living a vibrant...

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How to Go From Acidic to Alkaline pH For Health Benefits

acidic alkaline ph May 22, 2020

The pH of our body is so important to our overall health. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and cancer all occur in acidic conditions. The more we can bring our body into an alkaline state, the better it will be for our overall health. 

On a scale of 0 to 14, 0 is completely acidic and 14 is completely basic, or alkaline. 7 is neutral. 

We aim for a value of a blood pH of 7.35-7.45, which is slightly alkaline. 

Why does it matter? 

When our bodies are acidic for a few months or years, it creates issues in all parts of our body. This occurs because as our body works hard to restore the balance to an alkaline environment, it is unable to keep the immune system as strong while it is doing so.

Common issues we see with having an acidic body are: 

  • weakened immune system 
  • osteopenia or osteoporosis 
  • delayed muscle recovery 
  • slowed healing 
  • lack of detoxification processes in the body

What contributes to acidic vs...

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How to Reduce Knee Pain at Home

knee pain rehab May 20, 2020

I have been chatting with many people lately about how to reduce knee pain. I know people who have pain going up and down stairs, walking for prolonged periods of time, or when they try to start running. In this post we will talk about easy ways to reduce to knee pain. 

What causes knee pain?

The first thing to think about is why is this knee pain occurring? This question can be answered in multiple ways. We need to look at all the factors: 

  • Shoes 
  • Anatomy 
  • Muscle Imbalance 
  • Muscle Weakness 
  • Muscle Hypertonicity 
  • Current load or improper training
  • Diet 
  • Stress 

As you can see there are many factors that a play a role in what can be leading to knee pain. This means that there are also various ways to improve knee pain, depending on the root cause. 

Don't just put a band-aid on it

This is why just taking an NSAID, or anti-inflammatory medication will not, and should not, be the "cure" to your knee pain. 

This is simply a...

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The Real Secret to Weight Loss - 5 Myths Debunked

weight loss May 12, 2020

The real secret to how to lose weight is by helping your body process food and get rid of fat through your hormones and metabolism.

There are many key factors that play a role in weight management and initial weight loss, and I am here to demystify them for you right now. 

Myth 1: Eating fat makes me fat. 

Wrong! Unhealthy fats do, but healthy fats actually help you lose weight!

Unhealthy fats include saturated fats, vegetable oil, corn oil. 

Healthy fats: 

  • olive oil
  • avocado oil 
  • coconut oil 
  • salmon
  • walnuts
  • almonds 
  • flaxseeds

Myth 2: I need to count calories in order to lose weight. 

Incorrect! Calories are not created equal. This means that it is impossible to just count calories and lose weight.

Things like diet sodas and sugar-free processed foods are actually much worse for you and will make you hold onto weight! 

This is because the body cannot process these types of artificial chemicals. 

Myth 3: It's just my genetics...

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How I Ran My First Marathon in Under 4 Hours

marathon running training May 02, 2020

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Running a marathon is no easy feat. I'm just going to come out and say it. It takes months of training, time dedication, and a powerful mindset. 

However, once you accomplish it, you get to celebrate, as seen in the picture below!

Let's start at the beginning

I decided to run my first marathon in August of 2019 and the marathon was only a few months away in November 2019. I had a quick few months to prepare and boy was it worth it! 

Because it was my first marathon, I really had to come up with a plan that fit my schedule. I know that many people will end up training 5-6 days per week for a marathon, but I felt like there had to be another way. 

Want to start running? Check out my Free Training Program, Couch to 5k!

With balancing work, taking care of my dog, and having time for household chores and spending time with friends, I knew that I needed a plan that felt doable...

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How to Boost Your Gut Health Today

Gut health has gotten more buzz recently because of talk in the media including probiotics and leaky gut. This article will discuss 5 simple ways to improve your gut health today. 

Gut health is the foundation of a healthy body.

If you want to lose weight, balance hormones, improve your mood, boost your immune system, then you are in the right place. 

There are many simple, easy ways to boost your gut health to have a positive impact on your mind-body health. 

What is the gut? 

The gut, also known as our digestive system, goes all the way from our mouth down to our large intestine. 

Did you know if you spread out your intestines, its surface area would cover a tennis court?   

Wow - that's a lot of area!

When spread out, our intestines cover a lot of ground and many important functions occur in this area of our body that we often don’t think about. 

Your gut controls absorption and digestion of nutrients, playing a large role in...

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How to Find Out if You Had Coronavirus or COVID-19

coronavirus Apr 24, 2020

Coronavirus has impacted everyone in the past couple of months. One aspect of the situation that might bring us more anxiety and worry is not knowing if we had the virus already. Uncertainty and the unknown often make us feel anxious and unprepared.

Related posts: 

8 Botanicals to Boost the Immune System and Reduce Virus Activity 

How to Boost Your Gut Health Today

What To Do While Quarantined at Home 

Since the symptoms of coronavirus are variable and differ in severity for many people, getting tested for antibodies is an excellent way to know for sure if your body has already had and fought off the virus. Some people have had coronavirus and did not show any symptoms!

On a Navy cruise ship, 60% of the people tested were positive for coronavirus, yet did not show any symptoms!

This could be true for you as well. 

What is antibody testing? 

Antibody testing shows if your body has already had a specific infection. Getting tested for coronavirus...

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How I Decreased My Anxiety Through Food & Nutrition

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When we put food into our bodies, it impacts our mood, our mind, and our energy. Food can either lead us to feel tired, wired, anxious, and depressed, or it can invigorate us and improve our energy, mood, and focus! 

After suffering from anxiety myself,  I did extensive research into how I could help my own mind and body calm down. 

My symptoms of anxiety included

  • a racing heart
  • sweating
  • feeling irritable or having a short fuse
  • feeling tense. 

I found it very hard to relax. 

This is when I found out that certain foods impact our neurochemical pathways and can help active our parasympathetic nervous system, or the rest and digest portion of our body. 

We need specific nutrients to promote healthy neurotransmitters that make us feel calm, happy, and motivated. Two of the main ones that bring about these positive emotions are dopamine and...

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How to Improve Your Self Talk for a More Positive Life

mindset positive self talk Apr 16, 2020

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How we speak to ourselves is so important in having a positive life.  We need to uplift ourselves through our thoughts on a daily basis.  Our self talk influences our health mentally,  physically, and emotionally. 

Are you living the life of your dreams, or are your thoughts holding you back? 

Lately we have been bombarded with news that creates fear, worry, and stress. All of these stressful emotions wreak havoc on and weaken our bodies. 

The American Institute of Stress states that in situations of acute stress, "it takes about 90 minutes for the metabolism to return to normal when the response is over." 

This shows that our thoughts directly impact our metabolism and physiologic functioning of our bodies. 

As stress can be real, or perceived, danger, anxious or stressful thoughts can impact...

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