6 Week Healthy Lifestyle Transformation

Transform your life through a structured program that teaches you to build the habits necessary to succeed.

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Every hard working woman deserves to make time to achieve the life she desires.

The question is: how do I learn the strategies, let alone set aside time to successfully implement them? You know the general ideas that eating, sleeping, and exercising are important but you don't know how to combine it for results. 

Maybe you even have tried to implement a healthy lifestyle but failed for some of these reasons:

  • I get off work too late to work out.
  • I'm too rushed at lunch trying to catch up.
  • Everyone needs my help, so I'm always running on empty.
  • I can't keep up with learning about what to do. 
  • I am scared of failing again.
  • I have specific medical issues that prevent me.
  • Eating organic is expensive.


You Deserve to Live Vibrantly

I Am Here For You!

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah Corcoran DC, and I strive to help busy women live vibrantly with balanced health.

My Mission: To provide busy, hard working women with knowledge and resources so that they can take actionable steps to transform their lives and feel vibrant!

The Program: 6 Week Healthy Lifestyle Transformation will will help you build and use the necessary nutrition, movement, and mindset habits you need to create an energetic and empowering lifestyle. We start begin the program with an overview of current habits and goals, and then  I create a step by step roadmap to your success. All through the 6 weeks you have access to me through constant communication to give you the support you need.

Can You Help Me Even If I Have Limited Time? 

Yes! I work with you to develop the lifestyle you want and that also means that our program is flexible around your schedule.  Simple lifestyle hacks add up to big results!

I have tried different diets and they didn't work. How is this different? 

The 6 Week Healthy Lifestyle Program takes a completely new and holistic approach. All facets of life impact your health- your stress, diet, thoughts, environment, and exercise. These other areas give us the capability to make a huge shift in your health, even if you have felt like nothing has worked in the past. Also, every program is customized, so I will guide you to a solution for YOU. 

Learn how simple it can become to live the life you envision when you have the right tools. start building the confidence, freedom, and lifestyle that comes from acting with intent for your life.
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Everyone knows "how" to do it. But I can help you use it, and know why it matters to you.
You CAN:

  • Use lifestyle changes to influence your hormones to be happier.
  • Control your outcomes by learning to focus on your energy and mindset.
  • Leverage an accountability partner for success.
  • Start seeing your weight loss or muscle gain and other health goals come true.
  • Get your health information and training virtually and conveniently on YOUR time.
Let me show you the structured process to start creating positive results in your life.
Get Your Life Back
"I’ve experienced, first hand, her wonderful energy, inspiring light, encouragement and compassion and could not think of a better resource if you're seeking holistic change, small tweaks or a simple tune up toward a more enriching, happy and healthy life. My life has been so much better from knowing her!"
— Randy Ruttenberg, Founder of Fairmount Properties/ Fairmount University Realty Trust 
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Welcome to...


6 Week Healthy Lifestyle Transformation



1 - Identification of Desired Areas of Growth & Goals 

2 -Education of Root Causes and Solutions

3 -Create Your Individual Transformation Plan

4 -Implementing the Plan & Accountability Building

5 - Tracking and Measuring Progress in All Areas 

6 - Defining Lasting Lifestyle Goals and How to Reach Them

How You Will Implement and Keep Lasting Lifestyle Changes

Consistent Communication

Over the course of your plan we will communicate on a weekly schedule we set at the beginner of your program. Your program will always be customized to ensure it fits your life!

Progress - Not Perfection

It's all about the little steps that add up to big results! Lifestyle change is a process and a journey; we provide you the best guidance and coaching to build your lifestyle. 

Accountability Partner

This is what creates results. We all need coaches sometimes to help us to push ourselves and grow. The encouragement and accountability I provide will help you build habits to live the life  you deserve. 

Topics You Will Master in this Program


Food impacts your body's appearance as well as its function. It has a direct impact on your mood and long term health. You can eat the right foods for your hair to shine, your skin to glow, and it can give you energy to achieve your goals. 


Fitness, or movement,  is both a lifestyle and a mindset. When you feel strong you conquer anything that comes your way. Moving your body can come in many varieties and we are here to help you build and implement the plan that works for you. 

Mindset & Energy

You deserve love and support consistently along your journey. Whether your goals are to improve your health, lower your blood sugar,  or be more relaxed, you must first start with the mind. The mindset is an essential part of your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to see what the program currently offers is to go here:

90 Day Transformation _ Details


If you do not enjoy your experience in the first two weeks of coaching, I will happily refund your payment. I work to see if we'll be a good fit during our consultation so you'll be ready to crush goals and be confident I am the one who can get you there!

There are 12 weekly calls. I adapt to your schedule and how you work best - that's the benefit of one on one coaching!

Forever! I will even send you all of my updates as they come out - the price will never go up for you. I love my clients and want them to flourish for life, not just while they hire me!

Yes! You have online access to all materials. 


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