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My Mission: To provide busy women with knowledge and resources so that they can take actionable steps to transform their lives and prevent disease.

Sound Impossible?

Well - it's NOT!

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah Corcoran DC, and I work every day to help women live vibrantly with balanced health.

I have helped thousands of people get out of pain and achieve lasting health. Customizing strategies to each patient or client, and applying a proven structured process to fixing the ROOT CAUSE of these issues is why my patients are more successful through their transformations.

Why do I want to help YOU get healthier today? 


Why I Care: In 2011 my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she had a history of hypothyroidism. Though she was able to beat her illness at the time, when it resurfaced in 2018, it came back fiercely and took her life. Now, I have devoted myself to helping busy women reduce the impact of hypothyroidism issues in their life, so that they can enjoy health, confidence,  and balance in daily life.


My Background: As long as I can remember I have maintained a passion for having a healthy & happy life. As I grew up, I watched my parents' service to others and knew that I was meant to serve the same way.

I started my career by studying  psychology at Kenyon University and learned that a functional wellness mindset is better for holistic health and healing. Next, I went to get my Doctorate of Chiropractic and then spent years treating physical ailments. Now, I run my own business and believe that in today's world your training is never complete; so, I maintain ongoing studies in Well Life Coaching, and doctorate courses at the Institute for Functional Medicine to stay current for my clients.


So now, my goal is to serve you and show you that anything is possible. You can have the energized, vibrant life you're seeking, and I will show you how!


I can help you if:

  • You're tired of feeling lethargic and foggy 
  • You struggle with weight loss even though you may exercise and have tried many diets without lasting success
  • You are ready to transform your life to reach your full potential through optimizing your mental and physical health 


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""She believed she could, so she did""

~R.S. Grey


Dr. Sarah would like to dedicate Mind Body Aligned to her brightest light, her mother, Kathleen Corcoran, who passed away from cancer in October 2018. Dr. Kathleen Corcoran was a revered psychologist and inspired her daughter throughout her life to pursue her passions and live a heart centered life of service. Dr. Sarah gained knowledge, wisdom, and compassion in mind body health from her mom and it is an honor for her to continue serving others in her mother's light. 

Do you ever feel like you eat healthy foods but can't make the progress you want?



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