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Dr. Sarah Corcoran

Dr. Sarah is a passionate advocate for a natural lifestyle through healthy eating, intentful living, diligent fitness, and continued self-care. She believes in living a bright and balanced life centered around ongoing personal growth and helping others reach their goals during their journey.
She enjoyed her extensive training in mind-body healing while obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kenyon College in Ohio and her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer West in California. She also expanded her knowledge in these areas through the Institute for Functional Medicine and the Well Life Coaching Program. She found her passion for helping others while providing volunteer wellness and education services on mission trips to third-world Spanish-speaking countries.
While the fields of mental health and physical health are closely intertwined, Dr. Sarah unified her passions to create her own company. Mind Body Aligned is the leading online platform for women who seek to brighten their life on their terms, but frequently find that they lack the time and structure to do so effectively. By offering mind-body health and wellness education and planning, her clients are able to implement lasting changes to create the life they envision for themselves. 
Dr. Sarah has served as the primary source of knowledge and compassion for thousands of individuals of all cultures and backgrounds as they became stronger in overcoming their obstacles of physical and emotional pains. She embodies these values by sharing her light while guiding others to navigate life’s toughest moments with grace and resilience while continuing on their journey to the person they truly are.
She resides in Virginia with her rescued dog, Cali, and enjoys spending time in nature while running and hiking. She loves cooking healthy foods, working out at the gym, going on adventures through traveling, and spending quality time in joy making memories with her boyfriend, family and friends.

"She believed she could, so she did"

R.S. Grey

Get Outside

Dr. Sarah is a strong believer in the power of being in nature. Whether you're using it to exercise, find yourself, perform your passions, or spend time with loved ones, she recommends scheduling time outside for better mental and physical health. Being in nature has helped her overcome some of her greatest obstacles, and through this she has found more of her own inner strength. 


Dr. Sarah would like to dedicate Mind Body Aligned to her brightest light, her mother, Kathleen Corcoran, who passed away from cancer in October 2018. Dr. Kathleen Corcoran was a revered psychologist and inspired her daughter throughout her life to pursue her passions and live a heart centered life of service. Dr. Sarah gained knowledge, wisdom, and compassion in mind body health from her mom and it is an honor for her to continue serving others in her mother's light. 

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