Chief Fetch Officer


"Happiness is a warm puppy."
~Charles Schulz

Meet The C.F.O.

(Chief Fetch Officer)

Hi, I'm Cali!

Dr. Sarah is my mom, and she lets me help her clients heal. I know that the studies show animals can help humans heal, but mostly I just love cuddling, so, can I have a hug?

I was born in Arkansas and didn't always have such a lovely home, and funny parents to be around. But now that I have a good home, I specialize in napping, destroying squeaky toys, and stress relief consulting. A few pets and kisses from me and you'll be smiling - that's why I've also been called "The Ambassador of Smiles."

While I do enjoy a nice run every now and then I mostly like chasing the local squirrels and birds in my time off, and when I've been really well behaved I get to go to the dog park!

I also love green vegetables, and trying to trick my way into treats. My favorite ice cream is vanilla bean, with the real organic vanilla - none of that fake sugary stuff!!  Come back soon for my recommendations to help your pup provide more smiles and love every day!


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