Banish the Belly Program:

Feel Your Best In Four  Weeks


Are you tired of not feeling confident?

We have a proven & lasting solution for you. Our 30 day program addresses the 3 areas that cure belly fat and bloating including diet, fitness, and stress. Taking a holistic approach ensures your lasting success with this program.

How We Get You Results

Our approach is 3 fold - nutrition, fitness, and self care. This is the necessary holistic combination to give you lasting lifestyle change. We make this easy for you by giving you the exact foods to eat to get your gut health back on track which will have huge impacts on your body physically, mentally, and energetically. Enjoy our anti-inflammatory and gut healing grocery list for easy shopping. Feel the benefits of gut health through increased energy, a stronger immune system, glowing skin, increased strength, and feeling more confident in your body.


We give you the TOP TEN core exercises for lasting change

Learn how to perform the top 10 core exercises to target your abs and get the body you have been waiting for. Daily checklists are included for your accountability.

"I’ve experienced, first hand, her (Dr. Corcoran's) wonderful energy, inspiring light, encouragement and compassion and could not think of a better resource if you're seeking holistic change, small tweaks or a simple tune up toward a more enriching, happy and healthy life. My life has been so much better from knowing her!"

-Randy Ruttenberg, Founder of Fairmount Properties/ Fairmount University Realty Trust 

Learn how to bring self care into your routine to change your life

We teach you how to empower yourself through self care techniques for stress relief and a more fulfilling life. Follow our self care and clean living calendars to make this easy. This will help you decrease stress, feel confident in your body and keep these changes for life!

Do you want a customized plan?

Reach out to Dr. Sarah at [email protected] for more information on how to get an individualized plan for your health


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