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Easy & Simple Meals

The meals in these guides have few ingredients, making them quick and easy to make for one person or a family

Lose Weight Naturally

No fad dieting or counting calories. Simply focus on bringing in the right foods to keep your body in balance

Daily & Weekly Trackers

Stay on track each day with your health checklists to help you develop positive and sustainable habits for weight loss

Stop feeling overwhelmed with endless searching online 

Have you ever felt unsure of what to eat to help you lose weight? Keto, low carb, fasting --- there are so many choices and decisions to make.

Let me help you by making eating for weight loss simple, affordable, and attainable with these meal plan guides. 

No more counting calories or macros 

People used to think calories intake versus calories burned was the only way to lose weight. However, now we know through research that it is more important to focus on the types of food we eat as they impact our hormones, metabolism, digestion, and detoxification pathways.

These systems of our body all play a large role in our weight and how we lose weight too.

Sick of that tummy pouch? It's time to try a new strategy!

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What people are saying:


"Within just first 2 weeks I lost 6 lbs, improved my sleep, regained mental clarity and overall feel more alive. I learned a lot about gluten, inflammation and cravings (they don’t happen if you eat the right way and take your supplements). She also addressed my back pain and referred me to a right professional. I’m really happy with my progress and will keep up the good work. I’m very grateful for all your help and will definitely recommend you to my loved ones. Thank you!"


"Dr. Sarah worked with me for 6 weeks doing a meal plan for me each week. I have Hashimoto’s so it’s harder for me to lose weight but I was able to lose 11 lbs in 6 weeks with her help. Not only did she help me with my diet but with supplements as well. And most importantly she helped me kick my coffee habit. I was drinking a Venti Iced Caramel Latte from Starbucks DAILY, but no more! My husband even stuck by my side the entire time & he lost 10 lbs. With the guidance she provided in the 6 weeks she worked with me, my husband & I will be able to keep going & eating healthy and being happier than we’ve been in a long time! Highly recommend Dr. Sarah!"


"Sarah was amazing to work with. Not only did I lose 17 lbs working with her, I also started to get off of some of my medications. Sarah went above and beyond and she truly cares about you and your needs."

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