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Mind Body Aligned is a platform for your natural health, beauty, and balanced lifestyle needs.

 We help busy women regain health, strength and confidence. 

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The body achieves what the mind believes

Have you ever had obstacles in your life that have led you to feel tired, burnt out, overwhelmed and running on empty? 

Do you ever feel like you have gotten off track from the person you want to be? 

We've all been there. We know the feeling. 

We also know how difficult it can be to implement the structure for lasting lifestyle change. 

That is why we created the Banish the Belly program. 

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Meet the Founder

Dr. Sarah created Mind Body Aligned to empower women to own their mental and physical health and reignite their confidence through simple habit changes within a busy lifestyle. 

Through her extensive training and degrees in Psychology, Chiropractic Medicine, and continued certification in Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice and Well Life Coaching, she blends mind and body health, confident beauty from the inside out, and balanced lifestyle guidance for clients to make lasting changes.




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Food impacts your body's appearance as well as its functioning. It can have a direct impact on your mood and long term health. You can eat the right foods for your hair to shine, your skin to glow, and it can give you energy to achieve your goals. 


Fitness is both a lifestyle and a mindset. When you feel strong you can conquer anything that comes your way. Working out can come in many packages and we are here to help you find out which one is best for you based on your health aspirations. 

Self Care

You deserve love and support to aid in your growth and success along your journey. Whether your goals are to lose weight, be calmer, or get that job you've always wanted, taking care of yourself and your mindset is an essential part of the process of your success. 

Get your glow on from the inside out

Our online program teaches you how to implement nutrition, fitness, and self care seamlessly into your life, helping you transform your everyday into one of balance and health.

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