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How I Help My Clients Thrive

There are multiple ways to begin supporting your thyroid gland to heal hypothyroidism causes and symptoms. The best route to get the most efficient and holistic results is a one on one personalized coaching program that I, Dr. Sarah Corcoran DC, custom design for you, your body, and your lifestyle.

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I believe in helping people get healthier every day. That is why my community members get access to over $500 worth of material in free resources. Learn the basics of hypothyroidism, symptoms to watch for, and ways to prevent issues before they arise.

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Healing Hypothyroidism Coaching

When you feel strong you can conquer anything that comes your way. I will help you to identify the possible causes of your condition and teach you how to implement the necessary lifestyle habits in nutrition, movement, and stress relief to heal your hypothyroidism condition.

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Wellness Supplements

Whether your goals are to lose weight or to manage your mood there are supplements that can help. Remember, never take supplements without knowing their true purpose or quality, and always check with your physician prior to use for best results.

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Do You Have Trouble Finding The Truth About Your Health?

It is estimated that 20 Million Americans have a thyroid disorder. More than 60% of these people are undiagnosed, yet continue living with uncomfortable symptoms and no solutions. Often, this is due to traditional diagnostic techniques that are...well, frankly - wrong. 

Do you feel consistently tired, have cold hands or feet, suffer from hair loss, a puffy face, or brain fog? 

Perhaps you notice that you work out and eat well, but can't get the weight loss results you would expect? 

These are common issues facing those with undiagnosed Hypothyroidism.

The WORST part of ignoring these signs is what can occur when hypothyroidism goes untreated. Keeping your thyroid out of balance can lead to serious issues including heart disease, infertility, and mental health issues. 

SO...to help you check the health of your thyroid, and to heal any current issues you have, I developed the Healing Hypothyroidism coaching program to take you from living "in a fog" to feeling energetic and vibrant!

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Meet the Founder

Hi, I'm Dr. Sarah Corcoran DC, and I strive to help women live vibrantly with balanced health.

My Mission: To provide busy, hard working women the knowledge and resources for true health while guiding them through actionable steps to transform their lives and create lasting health.

Why I Care: In 2011, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she pointed out it was very likely related to her hypothyroid issue remaining undiagnosed and attended to for so long. Though she was able to beat her illness and go into remission at the time,  it resurfaced in 2018, coming back fiercely, and it took her life.

Now, I have devoted myself to helping women reduce the impact of hypothyroid issues in their life through mind-body health techniques, so that they can enjoy health, confidence,  and live their passions fully.

If I can help people keep their loved ones for longer and help individuals implement lasting healthy lifestyle change, then I am living out my life's purpose.  

My Background: As long as I can remember I have maintained a passion for having a healthy & happy life. As I grew up, I watched my parents' service to others and knew that I was meant to serve the same way.

I started my career by studying  psychology at Kenyon College and learned that our minds are key for holistic health and healing. Following my passion for mind-body medicine, I got my doctorate of chiropractic medicine degree in California.

Now, I run my own business and believe that in today's world your training is never complete; so, I maintain ongoing studies in Well Life Coaching, and doctorate courses at the Institute for Functional Medicine to stay current for my clients.

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The Healing Hypothyroidism program will guide you in the development and implementation of the necessary nutrition, fitness, and mindset habits you need to naturally heal hypothyroid issues

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